Summer, its going, going, gone

It’s been one of those summers’ where you think its just begun and its nearly over with. Yesterday, I woke up and looked at my phone, then looked again… July 31st, huh, really, I thought as my alarm kept ringing as I lay in bed starring at the ceiling, wondering where the time had gone?

Over the past three or four summers, I would have gone hiking and camping on numerous occasions somewhere in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Not this year, though. Literally my first camping experience of the year, will be this weekend coming up, August Long Weekend.

I say this with both pride and guilt. Guilt over the fact that I have not been to the mountains this summer, especially since its a mere 3-hours west of where I live. And pride, because I have been golfing my butt off this summer, playing two to three times a week, including hitting a bucket of range balls and putting in extra time, at the pitching green, in the sand traps and on the putting green. My golf game has been improving all summer long.

In late May, I was hitting the ball, well, and drawing down on the cool under 50, on a par 36. Not bad for a guy who hasn’t swung a club in over 15-years. Gradually, I picked up where I left off, all those years ago, finding a rhythm in my swing and cashing in on long putts. As my pops always used to say, “AJ, you hit for show and putt for dough.” That’s one sentiment, I will never forget.

Just yesterday, I dropped a 15-foot birdie putt, to the surprise my golfing companions. Its a short part 5, hole # 2, about 357-yards from the white tees. I was the second one off the tee box, crushing it a mere 283-yards! On my approach, I completely screwed lining up with the hole and topped my pitching wedge directly into the right side bunker. Thankfully, my Cleveland 58-degree sand wedge, gave me just the right connection and the ball rolled past the cup, stopping around 15-feet away.

Eyeing up the hole, the shape of the green, the slope and its slight slope to the right. I knew I had to hit firm and keep it to the upper left of the cup. I drew back cautiously testing out the back swing and follow through, a couple of times. Pausing, I lined up the put, aimed, drew back and swung through. The green picked up speed, the ball rolling quicker than expected until it petered out, and turned at the last possible moment, slipping into the cup for a birdie! HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND. 

That’s what my summer has been… just myself, some golfing buddies and either a round of 9 or 18-holes. I suppose there are worse things to do in the summer.