Starring at the Hands of Masters

The words of mankind will never provide you with enough detail about the intricasies of detail and craftsmanship within the confines of Notre-Dame Basilique de Montreal.

As a guy who thoroughly enjoys details my vocabulary, will never do this space justice. It is a wonderment of perfection and when you as a person just sits down to observe with your eyes and not your cellphone or camera or video recorder but just you in this space. Then, at that moment will you realize and behold the astounding beauty of these accomplishments both interior and exterior which were crafted in a decade without power, without electricity and without a machines.

This is in an age where people were dedicated to their craft: wood workers, painters, sculptors, stain glass creators, architects, decorators and, carpenters, whom brought to life their artistry and dedication as Masters’ to perform with such skills and confidence to build this space between 1824 and completely finish in 1843.

  • main construction 1824-1829
  • the sanctuary 1830
  • tower east 1841
  • tower west 1843
  • new 32-ft pipe organ 1858-1891

You my friends are starring at the hands of god. The work of not an average set of beings but a creation of those on Earth celebrating the son of god, Jesus Christ and, the holly spirit.

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