How to Start a 10-day Road Trip from Montreal

On Tuesday morning we headed for Avis Car Rental at 1125 Rue Metcalfe in downtown Montreal to pickup our car. After a brief subway ride and a cruisey walk up along a stretch of parks we arrived.

Pulling open the door to step inside I spotted a very, very long line of people going out the opposite door. As I looked into their eyes all of them starred at me with very deep penetrating eyes of people who have been waiting a long time. I tried mouthing the polite ‘is that the line up?’ without a response.

Closing this door I went around to the opposite and asked the guy in front of me whom shrugged his shoulders. An obvious sign he did not speak English.

The wife had headed for the tourist centre across the street to pickup a driving map of the province and hopefully of New Brunswick, too.

Upon her return I stood on the stoop just outside the door. “What are you doing?” she asked, and before I repsonded, I opened the door to show her the lined up. She followed this with “how long have they been here?”

Ignoring this question I searched for another Avis car rental on the internet. Once found I dialed the phone number of Avis Car Rental, at Le Nouvel Hotel, at 1740 René-Lévesque Blvd West.

After a short conversation I had learnt her computer system went down, hence all the people at the store we were at. And she could write us up manually but couldn’t guarantee the price.

“Okay, sounds good… we’ll see you shortly,” I said to the agent then hung up. “What did you find out?” the wife asked.

I repeated to her what I had talked to the agent about and she informed that the people inside had just moved there after waiting 15-minutes.

We determined there to be 5-groups of 3-people and each group would take 15-minutes at the counter thus it would take approximately 45 to 60 minutes before we would reach the counter.

“That sucks! Let’s go to the other shop,” I said and we walked out. The people in line just starred at us as we departed probably thinking, where are those people going?

We strolled the boulevard until we reached the corner of René-Lévesque Blvd West and Metcalfe crossing the street and turning right. We strolled about eleven blocks through the city looking at large buildings as we went.

After a brisk seventeen minutes we arrived. We spoke to the agent explaining we had phoned from the other shop. She informed her computer had just become active again, therefore we didnt need to go through the manual paper process. I showed her the confirmation number email and she got started on processing. Eight minutes later we had a free upgrade to 2017 Nissan Rogue SV AWD with Sirrus radio, Panoramic sunroof and heated seats.

We went down into the garage, retrieved our ride and headed back to the condo to pickup our packed luggage and food.

Rerouting ourselves twelve minutes later we stood taking photos of the ride in front of the condo as proof of the cars condition.

The only markings were near these nicks in the paint near the tailgate. Otherwise it was a clean ride.

Everything packed into the car, we double checked the condo and departed for Habitat ’67 along Avenue Pierre-Dupuy, in Cite du Havre, a peninsula just south of Veux Port across the water.

As it turned out this concrete structure is actually inhabitted by people whom bought these condos and as such it is private property. So, our wandering through said private property came with a distinct get off our fawking lawn, and a smile with an offer to come back at 1:00pm for the paid tour, later today.

We opted for receiving the tour card then crossing the street to take a couple more photos before heading out to the nearest Canadian Tire to pickup a cooler, some additional travel snacks and ice for the road.

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