A Day Trip from Fredericton to Alma

Trapped inside our King Suite hotel room on the outskirts of Fredericton we decided what our plans for the day were.

First check-out the free hotel breakfast and decide if, there is anything worth taking advantage of. Go to Value Village to locate a pirate costume for the upcoming tallship tour and determine what you can do in Fredericton.

The breakfast was passed on as it was 100% Glutenized thus we checked out and drove off to the village in search of costumes.

After the costume extravaganza, we headed for downtown Fredericton to take a look around. And hopefully locate some food?

Just before downtown we spotted Loka Cafe, parked the car and ducked inside. To our surprise this joint had a list of snacks which were Gluten-free, Vegan and Vegetarian. After inquiring further we learnt they had a tofu breakfast scramble with salad and GF toast. We smiled ordered two, along with a chocolate energy bar treat, a latte and an americano.

“We’ll be on the patio,” the wife informed on breakfast host. “No worries,” came the reply, followed by, “I will bring it out to you when it is ready.”

Sitting on the patio I opened up the local newspaper to learn there is a shortage of teachers in the area and read the article outloud to my wife. “Does that make you want to move here? Become teachers and live our new lives in this little town?” She didn’t respond, she only sat there smiling or grimacing at my question.

Then the coffees arrived followed shortly by the plates of food.

The food was amazing, tender chunks of tofu, mixed with baby potato, sweet peppers, purple cabbage, shredded carrots, sauteed spinach and broccoli in a delicate sweet thai basil sauce. My mouth tingled with flavours as I began slowly digging into this plate of food.

Upon finishing the meal we went inside to return the plates, silverware and utensils. There were now a bakers dozen of patrons inside. I thanked the women for the fantastic breakfast as we stepped outside back into the glistening sunshine.

Down the street we went and found parking near City Hall which happened to double up as the tourist information centre. We spoke to a young man about the area, Saint John and Fundy National Park. He seemed to reiterate the words told to him about the other areas and thrived on providing intell about the many lakes and local activities.

We departed and began our short stroll around downtown.

After a stroll around town, we strapped into the SUV for a drive about the neighborhood to get a goodview of how the people of this area live.

Afterwards we bought some ice, repacked the coolers and headed south to Saint John. The travel guides informed about it being the beginning of the Fundy Straight and the Fundy Coast. That it had a thriving farmers market and fishing community.

Upon reaching the outskirts of town an hour and some minutes later, we spotted the BIG ? on the side of the tourist info building. We stopped to use their facilities and to learn more about the area.

Inside William, gave us an overview about the area, tidal pools, a park with wooden statues and a long history lesson about the areas many lakes, rivers and hikes.

We thanked him and headed for Reversing Falls, Wolastoq Park and to grab a grand view of the area.

Afterwards we drove into the city centre for a walkabout tour of local public art pieces such as the bronze Moose representing Moosehead Brewing Company, the wood sculptures next to an 1800’s General Store called waiting in line and the abstract 3D British flag about 8x12ft.

Back down to the Wharf we stopped in at Saint John’s Ale House for lunch. With the most delicious mussel sauce, I have ever had. It was a combination of red chili flakes and tomato broth with about 30-mussels.

With full bellies we stepped around the wharf and headed back to the car. Our next stop Fundy National Park and its coastal town of Alma.

We pulled up to this two hotel town just as dusk pulled its eyes over the coastal waters. Pulling in front of Tides Restaurant and the Parkland Inn. The man at the front desk informed he had one room, on the first floor for $140 a night. We paid, received our keys, tossee our luggage in the room and went for a stroll about town to investigate why 164 people called this village home?