From Alma its Twists and Turns to Cape Enrage Lighthouse

The sleepy town of Alma was the perfect overnight stop; it was quaint with its Victorian buildings along main street, it was quiet with its 164 inhabitants plus 30 visitors and it was restful in the firmest bed that we’ve encountered thus far.

In the morning the wife was still asleep an unusual feat, for us and I took the opportunity to duck outside to take a walkabout the streets in the daytime.

Upon further investigation, I learnt our hotels “breakfast” consisted of gluten cereal, milk, coffee, and hot water. I opted for two cups of hot water, then bumped into the proprietor on my way out. Also learning checkout was at 11am.

Back in the hotel room the wife still slept. A miracle, which is when I noticed an earplug. An unusul site. Gently I woke the wife and explained our situation.

No food. No coffee. Just an unpleasantly windy day. And with that info, she rose to make herself an instant coffee, while I packed up my things then headed for the local bakery in hopes to find a little something to eat.

Kelly’s Bakery, since 1990 has been serving up delicious baked goods. I inquired first about Gluten-free options and learnt there were none. Then I ordered a molasses sandwich filled with dates and a sticky bun.

Somewhere on the road, I devoured the sandwich cookie and was plesantly surprised by its masterful tastes.

We pulled into a cove to have breakfast and learnt the fridged truth. We weren’t having breakfast outside as it was too cold and wet.

Up the hill we went to the entrance of Cape Enrage Lighthouse Park. We paid our $6 per adult fee, parked the car as directed and pulled on our warmest clothing to explore the area.

After the wind nearly knocked us off the edge of the cape, we began our desent and headed down the trail to the stairs to the beach.

Thanfully the stairs were narrow and metal. Which for me meant using my upper body strength to get me down the stairs as my right leg started hurting from a recent lower back issue.

The best thing about this area is there is no shortage on information about the dangers of tidal waves, when low and high tides are, and additional area information like rocks are slippery when wet.

Down on the “beach” floor, which was really smooth rocks with a bit of seaweed or kelp, the cliff face was extra sharp, when a chunk of rock loosened and fell in front of us.

We spent about thirteen minutes on the rocky beach than returned to climbing the stairs. Eventually we made our way to the gift shop and back out the entrance to search for a new location for our breakfast to commence.


  1. thanks vince2day. its been a good trip thus far and we’re only at the midpoint of our holiday.

  2. vince2day says:

    Brilliant I’ll be watching . Enjoy the rest of your holidays

  3. vince2day says:

    Looks stunning glad you enjoyed your stop over . Looks so peaceful 👌 I’ll follow for more of this 😊

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