Around to Moncton, Thru the Horn and Into Nova Scotia

Back in the parking lot we unloaded our cooler and had a picnic. With our bellies full of good food we set out towards Moncton about 37kms (52-miles) away.

As we travelled the roadway, the wife buried her face in the travel guide trying to pick and choose what we might want to do in Moncton when we arrived?

As we neared dowtown we decided to pass on through with a short stop to pickup a cup of coffee and keep our eyes on the road until we reached the Nova Scotia border.

Upon entering the province we stopped at the local tourist info centre to get some information on Halifax, Cape Breton and anything that had to do with wineries.

To our surprise there are 17-wineries within an hours drive of Halifax, 9-distilleries and 40-craft breweries!

Departing the info centre, we received a text message from our friend Jacky asking if we had made it into the province? Our answer being, we are in Nova Scotia and on the prowl for a place to sleep tonight in Halifax in order to meet you early tomorrow.

Before we had looked at three options we received a text back from Jacky inviting us over to their house one-day earlier than planned. And we accepted.

Our new plan was to pickup breakfast groceries; bacon, eggs, veggies, black beans, jam and gluten-free bread. We stopped at Masstown Market, the new Butchery and Cremerie.

With groceries in the SUV, we sped off onto the highway heading south along route 102 for the exit to Oakland and Fall River.

An hour or so, later we pulled around this long bend after a succession of hairpin turns to reach the edge of Grand Lake and the sun peeking through golden clouds.

Two turns after entering into the town of Fall River, we had reached our friends home. And our retreat for the next four days and nights.