Fall River to Halifax and Back

Back in May, a couple of friends’ moved away from Edmonton, Alberta and landed in Fall River, Nova Scotia a pleasant 15-minute winding drive to Dartmouth where their new jobs are located.

After their departure they requested that we come out and spend a few days exploring their new surroundings.

Last year, the wife and I, had decided that our annual trip in September should include the East Coast and specifically the Maritimes as neither of us had ever been.

Upon our arrival we decided to leave our single carry-ons, the 12-grocery bags and not lock the SUV to alert of our presence.

Each of us tip-toed to the front door and without ringing anything we slowly opened up the door and yelled at the top of our lungs…

  • Hey britches were home!

Deep inside the cavernous home we heard laughter from our friends and barking by Louie the Chihuahua and Wolfie the Pomeranian.

Reaching the top step Jacky appeared from our right giving out hugs and asking if we needed a hand with our things.

“Yes, thank you. We have groceries which need assistance, and we can get the rest,” we said in unison as we exited the front door walking back up the steep driveway.

Two carry-ons later, I dumped the bags on the floor and made my way upstairs for the five-cent tour. We started in the enclosed back porch with a glass of wine for the girls and a beer for myself. That’s where the tour ended.

We fell onto the couch and started catching up on our last 4-days, as well as, what we had been up to this summer. Each of us taking turns explaining while the rest of us laughed and made smartalic comments.

Eventually we all retired just before midnight with a plan for the following day have a great breakfast than take a drive through Dartmouth to Halifax and wander around the downtown Wharf until we find a lunch spot and afterwards go to the Atlantic Maritime Museum and head back after.