Enjoyment of a Pier, a Cooler and a Sunset in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

After the discounted shoe purchase, the ladies stopped for a brief moment to use the public washroom, ans grab a coffee at Tim Horton’s. While the women were indisposed, I took a brisk walk up this new street and to my chagrin spotted Jo-ann’s bakery and deli, across the way. I perused the shop quickly and purchased four macroon’s (often called haystacks), and a lemonade-tea, then headed back to the truck. Less than ten minutes later we arrived at our dinner picnic location of Lunenburg.

We were driven through this picturesque town then down to the pier. Spotting several picnic tables, we pulled in and pulled out the cooler.

Upon reaching the chosen one, we began unpacking the items in the cooler: Hungarian salami, Italian prosciutto and mortadela, a round of locale double churned French brie, spiced Gouda, broccoli salad, bean salad and greek salad, roasted garlic hummus, a bag of Rice Works chips, a sleeve of rice crackers, two Pellegrino grapefruit beverages and the lemonade-tea.

“Hey, she didn’t provide us with forks for the salads?” the wife stated inquisitively. “Ah, forks, that would have been smart to bring with us,” I responded, followed by, “I will go see if one of those restaurants has takeaway forks?”

And off I went, up a flight of stairs to the main road. While I was looking for forks and being denied in each shop that I went into, I took the time to shoot this quinessential photographic town.

This was a town made to be photograped. Every building freshly painted and well kept. Every shop had signage hanging from the storefront as well as decals on their windows. Shop keepers had daily specials boards standing on the sidewalk, inviting you to look closer.

The people here were warm and friendly, as I stepped in and out of the last of the open knicknack shops of the day to get a feel for this place.

Upon walking back to where the ladies had already begun enjoying the prepared cheeses and meats, and decided while I was away that they would just scoop out salad using chips. I spotted the memorial, which I had seen a couple days ago in a film about a boat called Bluenose at the Atlantic Maritime Museum in Halifax.

During the film it spoke about the Heros of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia whom were the men and vessels which went to sea and never returned.

After our picinic was wrapped up and everything stowed back in the truck, I took the time to wander over to the memorial. At the memorial I read the dedication and the long list of names of both men and vessels inscribed on the granite. The inscribed are from 1890 to present day.

I sat on one of the memorial benches and said a prayer for these lost men. My simple words were for their bravery and courage, and for their families perseverance through it all. And for the present day fisherman, who face the same challenges at sea today as their brethern of the past and that they find safe passage to and from port, for each expedition they are a part of.