The Quinessential Coastal Town of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

With all people and dogs safely onboard the bright burnt-orange Dodge 1500 quad cab truck we safely departed from Peggy’s Cove.

The truck rumbled down the coastline, twisting and turning along the waters edge as we watched the rocky topography disappear into tranquil side walls of green sloping grassy knolls plunging down into the ocean.

Soon both sides of the road were filled with every style of house from small box cottages to elaborate multi-garaged mansions. Each with its own unique perspective on its surroundings. Whether it hugged the coastline or it was tucked behind a tranquil hedge of bushes.

All of us conversed on the variety of home styles and what the driving distance from these locations to the highway and to Halifax would be? As we all thought most of the people who lived in this area probably worked in or near the city, since the commute was 30-minutes or less.

Upon our arrival into Mahone Bay we parked outside a discount shoe store with brands like Geox, Clarks, Helly Hensen, Mephosito, and other highend brand names.

I was informed most of these brands retail at $200 to $500 and to get a 50% or more discount was unheard of. Not knowing these brand names myself I took a look around the mens’ section.

They had a deep discount corner which had shoes around the $85 to $115 dollar range for boots, dress or casual shoes. These seemed to be the last pairs of that style with a very limited amount of sizes.

In the main section which was 1/5th of the women’s shoe area, I found a handful of midtop boots which I considered for about 7-seconds than passed on, as the $165 price tag was higher than what I would normally pay for a good boot back home.

As the wife and our friends continued to search the store I went for a stroll around the corner and along main street.

And as I returned to the parked truck, my wife exited the shop holding a blue box with the word: Geox, on its side.