The Giants of Mining near Fort McMurray Alberta

Every other week since June 6th, I have been travelling to Fort McMurray to consult with a client about a project we arw doing for the municipality of Wood Buffalo.

During my last trip here about 4 weeks ago, I looked up “things to do in Ft McMurray” #4 was visiting the Giants of Mining museum 34-kilometres north of the city.

Yesterday, we finished up at 3:30pm and went for an early dinner with the boss. After dinner he retired to his hotel room. It was only 4:45pm and I was full of energy. Plus I had this pretty kick butt rental car and wanted to see how it handled?

2018 Chevy Impala SS

Okay, its not “really an SS” but it did get up and move to the tune of 165-kmph with a simple press of the pedal.

Oh yea! Giants… heeeeere weeeee comme…

Sixteen minutes later we arrived to the site of these Giant machines which were used between 1977 and 1999.

Words just dont express how LARGE these items were. Perhaps this will help.

And if this has not convinced you on there sheer size. Maybe some info from the signage boards will help inform the total size of these ginormous oil sands pieces of industrial history.

After reading that. Maybe I will just give you the goods. A collective of images showing off these Giants of Mining.

The Bucketwheel Reclaimer, is this little grey one with its ten tonnes of paint on it!

And a few of the other machine. That little orange one called The Dragline. Which took 375,000 man hours to build!

Well…. pictures do say more than words. Hope you enjoyed seeing these giant machines as much as I did taken the photos. And if you ever get the chance to see these giants in person. Do it. As this is #1, in my book of local Fort McMurray attractions.