Green Gables

Before ever crossing the Confederation Bridge to PEI, I was informed that every person has a specific reason as to “why” they want to fly, drive or ferry onto the smallest province of Canada.

For myself, I would like to be able to say to someone, anyone, that I have a story about every province and territory from my home country of Canada.

When I first heard “why”, my wife wanted to come to the island, I was flaberghasted! Literally I could not fathom or even understand “why” this strange attraction was her reason for coming to PEI.

  • Anne of Green Gables

That is correct, my wifes’ reason for coming to the island was to see the area where a story was written in the early 1900’s about a fictious girl named Anne.

Personally, I had never even heard of L.M. Montgomery, or about her literary works in the early 19th Century. And I was in total disbelief that Parks Canada saw this as an opportunity to inform other countries and visitors about this fictional place.

We started with paying our $6.30 per adult to wander around the self-guided grounds and learn about Mrs. Montogmery, her upbringing around Cavendish, the history about her as a young woman and writer.

The more we explored the more intrigued I became with the time period these people endured in their lifetime.

Further into our investigation of the property and farm, were the old photographs and other artifacts of her life such as this new Empire typewriter from 1906!

Not only did the barn house the exhibition of old photographs, this typewriter and a few other historical relics but it had a small theatre with a ten-minute short film about the author, her upbringing, her career as an author and when she became married then moved away from PEI to Ontario with her husband.

After our exploration we took a stroll down “Lovers Lane” which is a one-kilometre trail just beyond the small white house with green trim.

Along the pathway were signs explaining the local flora and fauna, as well as quotes from L.M. Montgomery’s personal journals such as this one from August 1, 1909.

  • This evening I spent in Lover’s Lane. How beautiful it was—green and alluring and beckoning! I had been tired and discouraged and sick at heart before I went…and it… stole away the heartsickness, giving peace and renewness of life