Lost on a Map in Eastern New Brunswick

I know you, you are probably thinking hey Aaron just look at a map or even better “google it” and get yourself out of there. In theory it should have been that simple.

Except when the real problem we were facing was the immense rain falling at a rate faster than the windshield wipers could rotate up and down the windscreen!

To top that off, we were being passed and honked at by semi-trailers as they owned this road.

That’s when I hit my breaking point and pulled over onto a side road as we skidded to a stop just before careening into a muddy ditch.

Tossing the shifter into park, my death grip on the steering wheel relaxed and I fled the SUV while pulling on my rain jacket.

Outside I heaved up dinner, followed by a quick whiz then pulled out a bottle of Evian from the cooler to wash my hands and face.

Back inside the SUV we consulted the roadmap beneath the dome and dashboard lights. It took us fifteen minutes to realize we had only driven 15-kilometres north of Miramichi.

We discussed our options: Drive back to Mirmichi and stay at whatever the last hotel with the last available room is? Or drive the next forty-five minutes to Bathurst and stay at the Best Western Plus.

Neither of us could decide in which option was better? Go north or go south?

“I’ve got it,” she said, “lets rock, paper, scissors for it. First we’ll flip a coin to decide which one of us is Mirmachi and Bathurst. Then we’ll battle it out.”

We flipped the coin. I was Mirmachi and she was Bathurst. Three rounds later we had our answer. I’d be white-knuckling it for another forty-five minutes north to Bathurst.