An Unforgettable Experience in Bathurst, New Brunswick

After white knuckling it for forty-six more minutes in the blinding rainstorm we reached the city limits of Bathurst. Thankfully we did not have to change roads as route 134 took us into downtown and straight to the Best Western Plus hotel and suites.

We left the SUV under the pull through and went inside to inquire about a room for the night.

“Welcome to the Bathurst Best Western, may I help you check-in?” said Angela the guest services rep, followed by “may I please have your reservation number?”

“Well, we don’t have a reservation and we just drove thru the rainstorm from Mirmachi as all the hotels were booked due to a conference which is in town. We are intetrested in obtaining a room for the evening,” said my wife.

“Oooh, I’m sorry to hear that,” replied Angela as she clicked on a few keyboard buttons. Then, “I dont think…” my thoughts exploded ‘are you friggin’ kidding me! I just drove thru a torrential rainstorm to hear this shhh…

Angela…,” interrupted Kelly, the lead desk agent slowly clicking on a different keyboard, “there’s been a cancellation on the fourth floor, we can give it to these two. Its room 415.” Both keyboards and fingers clicked at a rapid pace as their eyes went left to right then up and down the screen.

“Do you have a C.A.A (canadian automobile association) card?” asked Angela. “Yes we have an A.M.A. (alberta automobile association) card,” replied my wife. “Okay, good. Then your rate will be one seventy…” “Angela,” Kelly interrupted again, “Give them the government rate plus the A.M.A. discount and these vouchers for the lounge for drinks before 10pm.”

Wow! Thats great! Thank you Kelly, that will make our night better, we really appreciate that,” my wife replied with her ever present smile.

Her face blushed as she kept clicking on keys and moving the mouse. She asked for my drivers license and credit card. I provided both along with my rewards card. Her brow contorted not conforming to her ever pleasant smile. She was calm and cool thru the entire process of checking us in for the night.

“Okay here are your documents and, your rate wil be one-thirty-four plus taxes, you’ll be on the 4th floor, you can park anywhere outside in the front or back, lounge is open until 10pm, checkout is at 11am, the pool is open 8am to 10pm, as is the fitness centre, and if you have any questions you can buzz us down here by pressing ‘zero’ on the phone in your room. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you,” we replied in unison, then we spun around and headed for the SUV to park, grab our things, drop them in our room and head for the bar, as we both could really use a drink about now.