Overland Decisions of Weary Eyed Travelers

After drinks in the Bathurst lounge we sat in our hotel room and decided on two things: first we were going to skip out on taking a ferry across the St Lawerence and second we were going to slow down our pace until we found a nice town to spend a few days in. With these choices made our eyelids collapsed and our faces hit the extragavant fluffy pillows for a deep relaxing sleep.

Rising at 08:12am, we proceeded to our morning rituals, a coffee and a bit of reading for the wife and physio stretches and ball massaging for myself. We concluded our rituals and some additional R&R by 10am and decided to seek out nourishment as we’d missed the hotels ‘free and not gluten-free breakfast buffet’. Looking up breakfast joints we learnt there were two one of them a mom and pop breakfast joint called Papa Joe’s and Evy’s Restaurant. Which happened to be within walking distance of the hotel.

Upon checking out we inquired with the front desk agent if we could leave the car in the lot and walk to breakfast? “Yes, you can” came the response.

We paid our tab, dropped our luggage in the SUV and wandered east down main street seeking out 296 Saint George Street. After the ten minute stroll we located the red brick barn building with white walled fascia and its green roof, trim and signage.

Only two other patrons were seated next to the windows and were speaking French. It was music to our ears. We conversed with the waitress informing here the wife is a celiac and requires special dietary requirments. She was pleased to assist us and ensure all would be okay. And it was. The wife indulged upon coffee, bacon, poached eggs, tomato slices and fresh fruit and I pleased myself with coffee, a veggie-scramble, rye toast and bacon.

Our bellies full and happy, we strolled back to the Best Western Plus hotel along Main Street. Here and there we paused to take it all in, in this small town centre. If you were judging Bathurst by the town, you’d rank it not worth the stop. However the people we met here made this a must-do another time.

Everywhere we went, the people of Bathurst were entertaining, open-hearted and helpful in our overnight journey. Back into the SUV we snapped a departing photo out the sunroof, laughed and proceeded north to Campbellton and the bridge which would lead us back into Quebec!