Campbellton, New Brunswick to Pointe a-la Croix, Quebec our Starting Point on the Gaspe Peninsula

Pulling into Campbellton’s tourist info centre around 11:33am along Salmon Blvd., we sought to acquire information about our upcoming journey into the Gaspe Peninsula and our route less travelled. After using their facilities, we navigated the side streets until we turned right onto J.C. Van Horne Bridge and crossed the Restigouche River into Pointe a-la Croix, Quebec.

Our first stop landed us across the street from an IGA grocery store and a short walk over to the Bienvenue (welcome to) Quebec signage.

We took a couple of photos and smiled at our triumphant return to Quebec. And this crossing being the most interesting boarder because in front of the welcome sign was this teepee structure with an Acadian flag in the middle of it gently flapping in the wind. And in its background the J.C. Van Horne bridge.

Crossing the street we headed into the IGA to pickup road snacks and beverages for our cooler along with a bag of ice. As we packed our cooler I stood up realized the beauty in front of us, snapped this picture of the river, bridge and Campbellton then hopped back into the SUV, roadmap in hand and directed the wife towards our unknown route to an unknown destination.