What is on the Horizon near Sainte-Flavie, Quebec?

What is on the horizon,” I pointed out the window, “over there behind that building. It looks like driftwood sticking out of the water? Or maybe its an old pier with no boardwalk planks,” my arm now out the window as the wife slowed down from 60kmph to 30. “Your right. What is that?” she replied.

Next thing we knew there was this really interesting stone barn-like building on our right with mosaics and carvings before we read the signage my wife pulled over into a parking lot. Our eyes could not fathom what we were looking at.

My words will never-ever provide you with enough information on the experience of seeing this wonderment inperson. Its a collection of work by Marcel Gagnon. He’s been creating at this location since 1984. The displays on the exterior of his property are extraordinary which will make you ponder in wonderment.

The very best is when you step inside as your being will be astounded to learn this artist, his wife and sons all have work in the gallery alongside other local artists.

The simple truth is Centre d’Art M. Gagnon, is an out of the way, off the beaten path, must see attraction at 564 Route de la Mer, Sainte-Flavie, Quebec G0J 2L0

And I hope these few photographs will entice you to check out the Gagnon Families work the next time you are along route 132, along the Saint Lawerence river in Quebec.