Is the Earth Flat?

You read that correctly, the question this afternoon is about whether the Earth is a globe or a flat surface.

About eighteen-months ago a close colleague of mine informed me another friend of his seriously believes the Earth to be flat. We had a conversation about this topic. He explained the basic principles that his buddy had imparted onto him. And the scientific proof my friend tried using to debate with.

These two guys are both IT Professionals. One a Network Architect Engineer (globe believer) and the other, a Computer Systems Analyst (flat earther).

I really didn’t take this conversation too serious because (1) we were in a bar drinking the friendly flavors of the world and (2) I thought this to be a total BS topic.

The following morning I punched into the search engine “flat earth” and the word “conspiracy” appeared before my eyes. Shoot… my brains kicked in… this is real? People think the earth is flat!?

As a guy whose flown over both the Pacific Ocean eleven times and the Atlantic Ocean twice, I couldn’t fathom how someone would believe the Earth to be flat. And off I went down the rabbit hole called conspiracy theories.

  • conspiracy theories are a belief that some covert and influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.
  • Who shot and killed US president John F. Kennedy
  • Did NASA actually fly to, land and return from the moon in the 1950s
  • If the USA did make it to the moon, then why have they not been back?
  • Flat Earth

Really, there are thousands of conspiracy theories and theorists. I dove into NASA, talked to the mentioned Architect above. Several more conversations lead me to:

Beyond the Curve, a documentary on Netflix. I watched in awe, listening to these intelligent people discuss theories of a flat earth. My oh my… my brain thought… these people are serious. There are movements, expos, believers, thinkers, podcasters, flat earth model builders and explorers!

Further exploration started after the show was over. I found societies, clubs and local meet-ups. This is a movement of people who believe we live on a flat surface. That at the outer edge of the map is a wall of ice.

The Flat Earth society has many beliefs, and theories which contradict or challenge modern day thinking and documented texts. Which is how I ended up in the local library searching for books about this topic and found my next read: Flat Earth, The History of an Infamous Idea by Christine Garwood

Let’s see where this takes us?

What is your opinion on the subject: are we living on a Flat Earth or a Globe?