Mid-Year Resolution List Review

You know the routine…

At the end of each year, people reflect on things they had happen in their life and in the same breathe they start writing down and thinking about a new list of things they want to accomplish in the upcoming year:  “I swear this year I am going to change “X” and I’m going to succeed at it!”

Yup, that was me. Heading into the final days of the year. I started thinking about all those goals which I had failed to even think about throughout the rest of the year. I started writing a list, then ripped it apart and tossed it in the trash.

screw you list making!!! 

I was dreadfully tired, of writing that damn list only to see that I had only checked off three out of thirty-six items for the year. “NO! Damn it! This Year is Going to be Different!” I exclaimed to the cork board in front of me with all its nice little photos of people jogging up stairs or riding their mountain bikes on a trail down a long curving dirt road.

I was fed up with sitting back and letting the days roll by until they met up with that 1-week vacation that I always booked in April or September. No! This was going to change.

I can personally say I began the year with a marvellous goal of participating in 12-physical challenging events, one per month for the entire year. I plotted my course, setting dates, and talking to my personal trainer and cohort (Melcon) about getting us into the gym before work.

We set out the list, of 5km events starting on Wednesday January 1st at precisely 10 o’clock in the morning, I would gather my wits and run, run, run through a couple of neighbourhoods with a bunch of other runners to kick the new year square in its balls!

And I did just that!

This was my initiation into this elite group of people… 5km (3.11 miles) of huffing and puffing in my winter running gear starting at William Lutsky YMCA and finishing there too.

YMCA Resolution Run – ticked off with a smile!

One down Eleven to go…

For the next three months, I gathered up my courage and signed up for several other events

  1. Canadian River Valley Revenge – a 5km race on January 18
  2. Dead Cold Run – a 5km race on February 9
  3. The Secret Marathon – a 3km race on March 4
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Race – a 5km race on March 15
  5. Double Trouble – a Dualthon race (biking & swimming) on May 31

After completing the next two races everything was going good. Life was working out for me. My body was beginning to reap the benefits of working out 6 to 7 days a week with my training friend Melcon. I was pumped up! I hadn’t lost much weight at this time, (which kept my running times slower than anticipatedbut I had changed a bunch of fat into a bunch of muscle according to my BMI (body mass index) reports which we were pulling down every couple of weeks!

At this pace, I was on target to reach my first weight loss goal by mid-July of 230-muscly pounds! Then this pandemic thing struck China, followed by Europe and eventually it engulfed the world. The muscle gained began to recede and the ultimate goal of a race per month and weight loss began to shrink every minute that more pandemic numbers rose.

Tired of the … proverbial shit storm… I checked out all together on the 4:45am wake up calls. And returned to my unhealthy chubbier-self like I had been back in 2019.

Saddened by the effects of going 100% all the time to 100% never. Really slows a fella down.

The real shame in all this, is I missed the idea of a monthly challenge as each event was canceled. Thus I tucked away my goals, and sat back into this chair. As I started thinking how irrational this behaviour became, I realized I still had plenty on my list for 2020 to accomplish;

  • reading 12-books this year
  • writing a new post per month
  • cleaning up old drafts one per month
  • figuring out where to hang a bird feeder
  • feeding the local swallows and chickadees
  • spending quality time with the wife
  • and most of all, catching up with fiends & family