Where Have You Been?

There’s a window in time where you look down and several minutes later you look up and a few months have passed by. Its this surreal feeling to realize that time has washed away from the landscape in front of you. That’s how I’m currently feeling.

Hi, it’s me… I’m back ? Well sort of…

Actually, I’m here to say that I am still alive but have been working on projects outside of WordPress like writing my first Novel. Its a depiction of life through the transgressions of a mid-twenty-something guy who finds himself lost in the depths of life in Seattle Washington until tragedy strikes and he finds out who he actually is. Then it knocks some sense into him how short life really is… and he does something about it.

Thus my writing online has been limited… okay, scarce. As I’ve been working on that outline then producing the novel and researching how someone publishes their first novel. I’ve also been doing a lot of self-reflection since this whole COVID-19 has trapped people at home. Ironically, through it all, I have been one of the unfortunate ones whose had to continue working each day instead of taking a few weeks sabbatical to just live life and be at home doing whatever my heart was content on doing that day. Mainly because my company is in the Telecommunications Industry and we directly support Emergency Services: Police, Ambulance, Fire Departments and Hospitals amongst others whom require our technologies to stay in contact with their people who are out in the field doing their jobs. Thus we need to stay alert and going strong to ensure their communications systems stay intact during these critical events.

Also, I’ve been just trying to take a break from the internet and take a break from my poor MacBook Pro whose standing on his last GB before he implodes and forever turns off. But the memories with this particular laptop were strong as I had purchased him in Seoul, South Korea whilst I was teaching English there. And its really difficult to part with a decade-old machine that has travelled through so much with you. Then I looked down at its 2009 keyboard and thought self-you really need to buy a new computer. Then there was the time I spent looking for a computer. That took me nearly 3-months to decide. I was flip flopping back and forth between an iMac desktop computer as my primary computer and getting an iPad to replace the laptop. First I bought the iMac it came in a damaged box, so I returned him. Then I bought a fancy new 16″ MacBook Pro. Brought it home, opened it, booted it, tried using it and nearly cried. Then returned it to the store. And brought home another iMac. I’ve been getting acquainted to my new computer for a few months now and we really do enjoy each other’s company.

Someday, I will purchase that iPad too. As I would like to have a device I can bring with me when I travel. Whether that be a road trip to British Columbia, or the in-the works planning for a road trip to the Northwest Territories, or a in the-works planning for a trip to Portugal. Its just getting in touch with reality and what that means for the long haul.

Then there has been the planning of life’s little events as we get to know our newest family member whom was born in late October 2019. No, not my son. But my son-in-law aka the nephew by marriage on my wife’s side of the family tree. He’s been a real distraction for all six of us. Especially the new grandparents whom were awfully excited to see that one of their two daughters was having a grandchild for them. Except now there is the pressure on them to have a second one, so the first one can have someone to play with. Its been pretty fantastic.

To be honest…

The first 3-months of the year were pretty spectacular. I was waking up at 4:45am to be out the front door by 5:15am and arrive at the gym at 5:30am to start a 2-hour workout with my training partner Melcon before I had to arrive at work for 08:30am. We had our eyes set on a golden prize of competing in and completing an ultra marathon! What the heck is an Ultra Marathon you ask? Well its just a short sprint of 120-kilometres (75-miles) over 3 mountain peaks with 17,000 feet of elevation gain. Its known up here as The Canadian Death Race!

Which meant training 7-days a week in preparations for this race of a lifetime. On top of training for this Death Race, I decided to challenge myself even more to get myself mentally prepared in this late year race by completing 1-race per month for 12-months. And I was succeeding at it! In the first 3-months of the year I had already completed 4-races (2 in January, 1 in February and 1 in March) and I was on my way to reaching the 12-race goal before December arrived. That is until COVID-19 struck fear into the world and everything around us began to close down, then get cancelled or postponed.

Mileage, Race Name, City, Date, Status

  1. 5-kilometre, Resolution Day Run, Edmonton on January 1, 2020 completed
  2. 5-kilometre, Canadian River Valley Revenge, Edmonton on January 19 completed
  3. 5-kilometre, Dead Cold Run, Edmonton on February 9 completed
  4. 3-kilometre, The Secret Marathon, Edmonton on March 4 completed
  5. 5-kilometre, St. Patrick’s Day Run, Edmonton on March 15 canceled & postponed
  6. Biathlon, 1000m swim, 6-kilometre bicycling, Edmonton on May 31 canceled
  7. 180-kilometre, MS Bike Ride, Nisku to Canmore, AB on June 27 & 28 now a Virtual Ride – do any distance from any location of your choosing
  8. Grand Fondo Tour, Pincher Creek, AB on July 11 to 13 pending cancelation
  9. 30-kilometres, MS Mountain Bike Ride Hinton, AB on August 29 now a Virtual Ride – do any distance from any location of your choosing
  10. 3-kilometres, Run the Rocks, Frank Slide, AB on Sept 19 TBD
  11. October thru December are undecided

Not only did COVID-19 interrupt the monthly challenges but it disrupted our 7-days a week training as we were no longer allowed to be around each other. As time has persisted we’ve been lost in our own worlds working on life as we see fit. Sure I’ve kept up about 25% of my previous 100% working out. I can still go outside for a jog or take the mountain bike for a ride but there is no lifting, or camaraderie at 5:30am with myself standing in my condo looking at myself in the mirror thinking is this for real? Why am I awake starring at myself in the mirror again? Shouldn’t you be working out? With what? Pots & Pans?

And now I sit here today, starring at the computer screen as the dark clouds of rain roll in above our heads and the long weekend lingers onward in the middle of May. WOWZAS! Its Friggin’ MAY! Guess it is true then… you just look down and several minutes later you look up and time has a way of just churning on by.

~ Sincerely

Aaron JacksonCrabb

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