Please Do Not FLY Your Drone in the Park

Sitting at Chez Francois awaiting what will be our next awesome breakfast meal, I’m catching up on some light literature by reading the Parks Canada website surrounding the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also known as drone.

Yesterday, after our exploration of the Lake Minnewanka trail system, I pulled over near this amazingly tall waterfall as I wanted to buzz it with the drone.

Instead before I could take off a white Dodge Ram 1500 pulled up near my location, I turned saw it had a banner on the side door that I didn’t recognize then went back to visualizing the upcoming flight.

Honk, honk, honk, I turned back to face the truck and this time read the banner “Canada Parks, Parcs Canada” it said. Agggh shit flight grounded or worse, I thought heading over to the truck with its window rolled down.

Hello, how are you?” asked the man, “I am well, and you?” I responded with kindness and a smile. “I’m going to give you a warning not to fly your drone. I’m not the one who will fine you but let’s just say its not a little fine when it happens, okay?” Looking at the man, I said, “that is greatly appreciated and I will go put it away. I suppose this means ‘Parks Canada is a no fly zone’ both Banff and Jasper?” He gave a warm smile shook his head yes then pointed out the wind sock and the grass airfield to our left.

Thanking the man, I went back to my Toyota Tacoma opened up the back door and started stowing the drone in its carrying case. “Hey,” the guy says, “that’s a really nice truck!” his grin and envy going ear to ear. “Thanks, I quit like it, too!” I replied then shut the door and climbed into the front seat.

Per the following website,, I pulled the following information;

 Drone flying is a popular hobby for many people and may also be used for commercial purposes. …

Recreational use of drones at all Parks Canada places is prohibited.

REPORT a Drone, If you witness the use of a drone in Banff National Park, please report the incident to park wardens via Banff Dispatch 403-762-1470.

In summary the basics are (1) Don’t fly a drone in a National Park (2) If caught a fine is issued up to $25,000.00 CAD

Walking Bridge, Edmonton, Alberta