Trotting Around Canmore for Canada Day

The plan was hatched over last night’s tequila exploration at Cabeza Grande followed by Marg’s at 1809 Tavern on Main Street, in Canmore.

The expectation to wake early about eight in the morning then head over to Chez Francois for a breakfast. After that pickup our local friend Kate and some cash then start the 50-kilometre journey to Lake Louise. Then do an hour and half hike up to Big Agnes Tea House which over looks the crystal blue lake. Enjoy a cup of glacier water tea and a scone then head back down the mountain for a wonderful July first.

Egg Benedict with Asparagus & Swiss cheese with Banana Chocolate Crepes and fruit

Instead of getting up at 8am we rolled out at 9:35am, by the time we reached breakfast it was almost eleven in the morning.

By Noon, we had finished our food and were on our way to get coffee, cash and Kate. Outside of Kate’s by 12:32pm I decided to put the kibosh on the trip because the six tequila hangover had finally kicked in and I wasn’t feeling well.

We cancelled on Kate and drove back to the lodge. Changed up our packs then walked into town to do a bit of Canada Day shopping at a much slower pace.

Around two-thirty in the afternoon our morning breakfast had worn off and we looked for a late lunch.

Crossing tenth street we spotted two food trucks: Trotters Catering and the Ice Cream bus. The bus had a twenty person lineup but not what we were looking for. Trotters offered up a small menu of items: Valabella Smokie, Jerk Ribs, Thai Green Curry and a Canada Day Pork Bellie Poutine.

Trotters Catering

We chose the curry for my wife as it could be made Gluten-free and I chose the Jerk ribs. We split a can of Ginger Ale to settle our stomachs.

Thai Green Curry with Cole Slaw $14
Jerk ribs with pineapple sauce and polenta hash $18

The food hit the spot both of us happy and full of morsels, we continued on our path of wanderlust for the next three hours, going into shops, perusing gifts and people watching.

Tired and needing the lodge we started our return walk. Before departing the main street we ducked into O’Canada Soap Works to smell the bars and pickup a gift package.

By the time we reached the lodge around five in the evening, we were both beat from the cruisie afternoon. Each of us grabbed a bit of water and laid down for a nap. Two plus hours later we awoke looked at each other and laughed.

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