To Unplug or Not to, That is My Question

Last night twenty people I know came out to have dinner and attend a comedy show. It was a swell time filled with laughter, humility, heckling and the most amazingly delicious homemade cake that my friend Abiola made in her #kejisbakery.

During dinner I noted 75% of the time people were surprisingly not on their cellphones, looking up things, texting or interacting with their smartphone rather they were all deep in conversations, or drinking their beverages, or eating their food.

The only time that I really saw the smartphone brigada was when that scrumptious cake made its way to our table. Then the phones were out, pictures and videos were shot and the wonderment of technology existed. Once we started diviying up the cake the phones disappeared.

It had to be the age of the group, after all I’m two days away from truly knocking on the next year which puts me at the pinnacle of my fourth decade on the planet.

When I was a kid, “technology” was having an Atari 5000, or umm… Yea that was it, maybe the early days of cable television like showtime or HBO, but in my house that didn’t exist. No, technology for myself started in the middle of my twenties when I worked at a cellular phone store in the mall, I can remember that old Qualcomm 900, like it was… Nah that was too far back!

Seriously though, I’m coming up soon on an event that has me pondering and meditating on whether I should give up the smartphone culture for awhile, and go back to being “unplugged” or “old school” by only having a home phone.

Which would mean 100% freedom when I am out there in the world taking back my precious moments between LRT train stops, to be unplugged, read a book, smell the actual flowers which are just outside the next train stop!

I read a statistic the other day that said in the waking moments of each day that over 95% of the people in North America, touch their smartphone within the first SIXTY SECONDS of waking up!

And that the average person in a 12-hour day spends 30,960 seconds or 516 minutes or 8.6 hours per day interacting with a smart device (cellphone, computer, laptop, tablet)!!!


And take back what you once had an abundance of to enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes and freedoms from being an unplugged human!