Making Faces at the World’s Largest Lobster in Shediac, New Brunswick Canada

There we were crossing back over Confederation Bridge between PEI (Prince Edward Island) and New Brunswick when I said, “we have to go there…” pointing to the map whilst the wife drove the SUV.

“Where must we go?” she replied pulling at the wheel to maneuver us around the slight bend in the bridge.

“To the World’s Largest Lobster!!!”

No kidding the World’s Largest Lobster is in Shediac, New Brunswick. Its made of concrete and reinforced steel weighing in at 90-tonnes.

This massive structure was built in 1990 by by Canadian artist Winston Bronnum

This massive creature of the deep blue sea stands 5-meters (16.4 ft) tall by 11-meters (36.09 ft) long.

The beast cost the local rotary club $170,000.00 Canadian dollars and took 3-years to complete.

The obvious results is this awesome Lobster sculpture! The not so obvious is this attraction brings in 500,000 tourists each year…

That’s 13,500,000 million tourists who’ve enjoyed visiting Shediac, NB Canada since the sculpture was completed back in 1993.

Please try to be respectful or just…

Act Like a Kid and Climb All Over It!

Don’t forget to stop by the small boutique shops to pickup a souvenior, a magnet, a flag or a local handmade rug, or other commemorative decor.

If knick knacks are not your thing? Perhaps you would rather stop at a snack shack?

To treat yourselves on a hot afternoon with a double scoop of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream in a waffle cone, or better yet, if your feeling peckish try a po’boy sandwich.

A Po’boy sandwich can be made several different ways but the basic three ingredients are lobster tail meat with butter drizzled over it then stuffed delicately into a very soft hoagie roll for your taste buds to enjoy this savory East Coast snack!

The shadow of the beast

That’s one heck of a tail

Aye, ay’ captain… I think there’s a big one over there…”

Flags and faces…

Posing with “Larry the lobster”… Okay, he doesn’t have a name I made it up.

   ~ <strong>Depths of the Deep Blue</strong> ~

Then out of the blue rose a ginormous creature filled with happiness and hunger looking for his next fisherman to snack on. When all of a sudden he mistook a tourist in shorts and a yellow jacket, snatching him in his beastly man crunching claw.

The usually observant fisherman heard a noise and looked out the other way as the claw began to clinch down on the tourist.

Frightened the tourist struggled to get away. But the beast just continued to wrestle and crush his bones.

Resorting to his last whits the tourist took one final stand and bit the claw in a last ditch effort to be released before he was crushed and eaten by this man eater from the deep blue seas.

Unnerved the claw continued to squeeze until the tourist stopped chewing and fighting back. Then with one easy scoop the beast lifted its kill into its mouth and chewed slowly on the tourist as it retreated back into the depths of the ocean blue.

[Note from the author: the above, Depths of the Deep Blue, is a fictional story and is only meant only for humor and entertainment. No tourists or lobsters were actually hurt during the creation of this short story. All rights reserved. Use of images and/or story, only through written consent.]