Where Have You Been? Part Deux

The original story “Where Have You Been?” was published on May 17, 2020 with a total of 1,345 words, which included scandalous information and a sordid story about my epic whining about why I still had to work whilst everyone else was sent home to enjoy their houses, children and families during this epic COVID-19 pandemic!

Part Deux… is a shorter, simpler version…

Its the story of what’s been going on, since May 18, 2020

Well, then… shall we…

Part Deux.

Its now July 28… damn it, wait what did you just say???

Its the end of JULY! and its bloody hot, here in YEG… YEG is short for Edmonton. It’s our international airport code.

Hot as Hell might be? Probably not. Hell in my opinion lives somewhere near Phoenix Arizona as its been a bolstering 45+ degrees Celsius (113F) Triple Yikes! Someone get the garden hose!!!

For the past couple of months whilst the weather has been charming (until this week), I’ve been putting in a bit of time here at the old WordPress, cleaning up a bunch of back-dated drafts that I started then stopped and never published.

This my friends is why there has been a steady stream of new articles coming out, as I’m cleaning up the proverbial house: 109-drafts is now down to 76-drafts. Only a few more to go!

Also, I decided what better time with all this nice weather than to become acquainted with my mountain bike again. Although I did destroy it and myself over the last couple of wooded trips into the depths of mosquito-ville. Not only did the mozzies find me delicious, but so did the mud, sweat and tears of happiness streaming down my cheeks!

Too much happiness can only lead to one thing… the mountain bike is in dire need of a tune-up before the next big journey. Its squeaking and squawking as the chain slips and trips with each depression of the thumb switch to change the front derailleur from low to high gears. Just as the back cassette is now making an awful noise. Good thing I get a free annual tune-up with the bike I purchased!

Its going to the shop this weekend!

Everything else about life is going pretty well.

My actual day job is pretty slow, and this means there is more time to work on ‘really fun things‘ like manuals, processes and procedures, updating binders of information and curtailing old documents which no one finds useful anymore.

Its an administrative nightmare for some and a blast for me. Because I LOVE RESEARCH, writing, documents, formula building in Excel and all those other geeky things!

Plus I’ve been reading this really delightful book called The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg. Its super fascinating and I’m only in about 25-pages into it. It’s all about the brain and how it’s this remarkable machine that powers people. But what does it really do? What can it really accomplish? How can you change what you do today, to affect you in the future? What bad habits do you want to rid yourself of, and which good habits do you want to start?

Also in my leisure time (whenever I get some) I’ve been reading a few retire earlier books and how to invest my money wisely based on hundreds of years of knowledge. Knowledge which follows a hundred years of trends and how this equates to more money in your pocket if you’re willing to change a few habits.

Well the first thing you need to learn is… accept the price will be what it is, and buy into the market today. Realistically there are hundreds of thousands of strategies, so whose do you choose?

Personally, you should look for mentors whom you look up to and desire to mimic in their strategies. What do they have in common with you? What do they want out of their lives? Is that similar to what your goals and strategies are?

If Yes! Then EUREKA! Get in contact with that person, as soon as possible and start working on making their habits your habits to improve your future!

Recently, I heard screams of joy and happiness from many people who informed they are headed back to their offices and are looking forward to getting out of their houses. Then there has been this steady climb of new COVID-19 cases here in Edmonton, which means people have become laissez faire about keeping themselves on the precautionary side of their own health and safety.

Perhaps when September… nah maybe late October rolls around, I will get back to writing that first novel about that mid-twenty something guy but before then, I’m hopeful to get back in the saddle again with my studies for engaging my mind into a deeper meanings of being a leader, mentor and someone to look up to. Mainly for myself and possibly for others too.

Well, enjoy your Tuesday, wherever you read this from.

~ Sincerely,

Aaron JacksonCrabb

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