A Round of Eighteen at Norwester Disc Golf Course

Yesterday, after work I happily sped off down the street and within fourteen minutes I pulled up to the curb and parked across the street from Norwester Park.

This nine hole course has both a main course and an alternative course.

The main course is 886 meters long and has is a great challenge for new players or novices. The par for this course is 27.

If your looking for a longer course with more challenges then check out the Alternative 9, for its 1,210 meters and Par of 31.

A few days earlier I took my set of discs to Rundle Park Disc Course for a round of 18. After a few minutes of searching I located the first tee box.

Standing next to it was a guy in black shorts, grey t-shirt and a ballaseball cap beside him was a Discraft golf cart with a 100 discs! The guy did not see me as he was very interested with something on his cellphone.

“Excuse me,” I said interupting whatever he was doing… “Is there a full course map to show where each hole is? Its my first time here.” The Discraft cart guy pulled out his ear bud and replied, “No worries. Do you have a cellphone?” Yes was my reply. “You can download an app called UDiscs, it has ALL the courses everywhere! It’ll show you each tee, fairway and basket. Also it shows where you are at along each hole with a blue dot. This will assist you with finding your way to a basket or tee box.”

Back at the first tee box at Norwester Park I did a quick warm-up rotating each arm, leg, and ankle then opened up the UDiscs app to generate a scorecard.

Scorecard ready, body warmed up, I wound up and chucked the first of what would end up being 33 throws for my first round at Norwester.

The course was definitely more challenging then The Hills and less confusing then Rundle Park. But the extremely long park grass made it difficult to search for your disc no matter what color it is.

UDisc Scorecard Round One

After round one was completed I headed to the truck for some water and an additional layer of sunscreen. Feeling pretty good about my first round, I decided to go for another.

Approaching the first tee a guy who was a couple holes behind me during the first round was sitting in the shade taking his own break from today’s blistering heat of 28-degrees Celsius.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I said as he looked my direction. “Good man, you?” “Yeah, I’m doing alright.” We started talking about our last round, that I’ve not played since 2006, that I just bought some discs, that its great fun, good exercise, and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Or banter moved from disc golf to traditional golf to piano lessons and the list went on for about ten minutes. “Hey, what’s your name?” I asked. “Evan, and you?” “I’m Aaron. Well… good chatting with yeah, see you around.”

Evan agreed as I stepped into the tee box, wound up and chucked the Machete,have a great round,” Evan said as I started up the hill, “you too Evan,” came my reply.

After six holes, I was feeling pretty good when I climbed the large hill to the top of number seven’s tee box.

Tee Box 7

I withdrew the Machete thinking this is going to be magnificent. The wind up and flick of the wrist the Machete flew up then out and began to fade right. Dam it!

Not happy with the throw, I yanked the Firebitd, stepped back and released the yellow disc into the air. It soared holding true to its flight pattern then fell to the grassy fairway below.

Feeling joyous, I claimed a “mulligan” and went to collect the Machete. Scooping up the disc I turned and wandered into the longer grasses in search of the yellow disc.

It disappeared as I went back and forth criss-crossing between sections I had just past through. Head sweeping left then right. My pace slowing with every pass to ensure I did not intentionally walk by.

Evan and his 2 friends finished holes 5 then 6 and shouted “Hey Aaron, we’ll throw then help you look? Ok?” Thanks Evan, I’d appreciate that.”

As I spoke his first friend released and we all watched the disc soar into the air. Turning I looked down and to my disbelief the lost in action disc was found. I dropped the other three on top and watched Evan and his other friend tee off. Laughing I replied, “found it! Guess all I needed was for you three to offer the help in locating it!”

Thanking them for their offer, I scooped up the 4 discs then chucked the red Leopard3 and went on to finish off holes 7, 8 and 9. Final tally 34, or 7 over par with only a twenty-five minute lost in the tall grass disc search & rescue delay.

Round Two