A Live Graffiti Exhibition of Spray Paint in the Dominion Industrial Area

Yesterday whilst out and about in the city we came across a random graffiti event. Several local artists were designing, creating and spray painting the three sides of a blue and black building at 14408 111th Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

The event was sponsored by a local artistry club as well as Loop Italy a spray paint manufacturer of graffiti paints.

At the “entrance” a volunteer explained that there were three parts of the exhibition. The live glass blowing area, the graffiti artists on the East and West sides of this building and the local artisans selling handmade goods.

We signed the waiver form and wandered about the outdoor exhibition.

On the East side two artists worked the blue wall. Then we checked out the glass blowing out back. Mainly they were making glass pipes but no real art. Such as bowls, or cups, or wall art.

Everyone we ran into were extremely pleasant, enjoying their Saturday at the exhibition.

We wondered out front and were informed we needed to enter the site beside the next building to the east. Meandering over we idly chatted about the man in the red bandana and the story he told inside the Rock and Gem shop.

Showing our wrist bands we entered the grounds. We started our perusal at the Brain Candy van where they made mad-scientist cotton candy for $5 bucks. Although the dentistry chair inside the van could have been for something else? But there was no proprietor to inquire with, so we moseyed on down the lot.

Handmade soap, pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, spicy pickled beans, tattoo drawings, blown glass necklaces, ear rings and more.

Next we came across a guy standing in a black pair of Ray Bayne’s in front of a booth selling handmade guitar’s. The silver zippered sweatshirt young man stood with a smallish young girl and was holding a blue retractable dog leash. On the end of the leash was a brindle French Bulldog. The girl was trying to get the dog to put his front paws into her small hands. Then the dog’s head swiveled as he heard our voices.

Instantly the dog moved right his ginormous head following his beady eyes and his skinny body adjsuted too. He approached with two quick hops and stood beside my Keen sandals. “Well, hello there,” I said to the puppy. “Aren’t you a cute little fella.” Then I said to the owner, “is he a French Bulldog?” Because his oversized head might mean a cross breed.

Correct was the answer. My wife popping in a comment as I squatted down to begin petting his back and side. “Don’t worry,” she smiled at the girl and man, “all dogs are attracted to my husbamd.”

They both smiled then the little girl read an octagonal tag “Hamlet the Stinky,” the girl giggled at the name. “We call him that because he’s constantly farting and making these grunting sounds when he’s happy.” We all laughed at this explanation then the girl disappeared as we inquired more about Hamlet.

He’s a great dog with a terrific personality and demeanor. You just have to get past the farts and grunts. Nothing too bad. He’s from a breeder in Calgary, who has family in Eastern Europe. They bring dogs over and you get a registered dog for half the price that you’d pay here from other Canadian breeders,” Mr. Ray Bayne said.

After meeting Hamlet we continued on our tour talking to artisans of various shops with store names like Efflugent Clothing, Planter’s Organics, and Tiger’s Motives.

Finally we passed by an obnoxiously loud duo jamming out on a drum set and an electric guitar blowing out a metallic sound wave that only their inner circle of groupies could appreciate.

Then we reached the largest area of black building wall which housed two electric scissors lifts and eight graffiti artists collectively working on their pieces. We paused to look at each work of art within the mural then continued our walk back towards the Tacoma.

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  1. Geri Lawhon says:

    I have not been to Edmonton yet, but fiance has many times and promises to bring me. He said maybe the best time is Klondike days. Thanks for the post of Edmonton

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