Its a new YouTube Channel about Affiliate Marketing called JacksonCrabb Media

Literally we know nothing about Affiliate Marketing… okay we know something about marketing. What we mean is we know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing except for what we have been watching on YouTube over the past couple of months.

We’ve been interested in determining a way to make extra passive income in order to build our overall wealth and do the unthinkable “retire early“! There is another movement which we have been following for about 6-months called FIRE also known as Financial Independence Retire Early!

The interesting thing about FIRE is its all about how-to reduce your expenses, stash away as many $$$$ dollars of your salary as possible every week, month, year and invest all of those $$$$ dollars into a set of proven long term investment strategies to gain financial wealth over time.

Affiliate Marketing – is nothing like the FIRE movement, except when you talk about side-FIRE. Then its very similar. the FIRE movement is about working hard for like 10-years then retiring on a BIG mound of invested money and living out your days on a beach, or many beaches in Indonesia, or Australia, or just wandering around the world enjoying life.

No, no, no… Affiliate Marketing is well… really its similar except that you will continue to Affiliate Market whilst you are in FIRE mode, because who doesn’t want residual passive income?

Nonetheless, we’ve created a NEW YouTube channel called: JacksonCrabb Media and we would greatly appreciate your support by following the link >>>> right here: JacksonCrabb Media and subscribing to the new channel.

Eventually, there will be Affiliate Marketing links in the YouTube channel descriptions, as well as all of the new Social Media platforms for JacksonCrabb Media [Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, SquareSpace, Facebook, and more], as we try to build organically over the next 6-months.

The plan is to upload a video a day, onto the new YouTube channel and everyday we build the channel we will educate on what Affiliate Marketing is, how to get started, what happens when you have $0.00 at the beginning, how our videos evolve and hopefully the dollars that will eventually be coming into the accounts. We are aiming at 100% transparency for all you curious characters and personalities out there.

We will be putting into the YouTube channel, approximately 3 to 5 hours per night and a few hours on the weekend to get this thing started. We’ve got to push this $0.00 ball up the hill by creating content, obtaining the Affiliate Links and continuing our own education by watching other already successful Affiliate Marketers.

Honestly, if other people can make money at this type of work, we are fairly certain, like 74% that we too should be able to make this online side-hustle type job thing work in our favour. The slogan around the YouTube channel is “zero to HERO in 6-months!”

We appreciate all of your support and look forward to reading those comments and responding too!


Aaron & James