How to Choose a Clever Name for Your Blog?

Well this seems like a no-brainer.

You sit down in front of your computer and type in a fun sequence of words and BOO-YAH! You’ve created your clever blog name like although this sounds like a pretty easy thing to do, its not because some other guy named “ted” may have already snatched up the domain you were hoping to purchase.

Also a while back there was this nomenclature running around the world that a domain name should be 15-characters or less, and be distinctive about what specifically you were trying to achieve with your website such as: or and even then you might find yourself aiming for just the general blog name such as

Then you might be asking yourself just “how does someone actually go about choosing a clever name for their blog or website?”

That my friend is an excellent question.

Here are some tips to think about when you are thinking about a domain name for your website or blog or e-commerce site.

  • Keep your name distinctive to what you are trying to promote
    • flowers
  • Be sure to include the name of a town, or city, or state where you will be promoting your product
    • Utah
  • Include something “snazzy” in order for people to remember your site by
    • Lorrie’s blue bonnets
  • Put all of these items together to get your new domain name:

The next thing you will want to do, in my humble opinion is to check out the terms of reference you are considering using as your domain name to understand the possibilities. For example, James and I, use the moniker “Distracted in Alberta” as our tag-line or slogan here on buuuuuuuut there might be an underlying issue if we were to use this as our domain name, ie.

Do you think “” would make a good website name?

James and I, dug al little deeper and found there is an even BIGGER issue with using our slogan or moniker as part of the domain name.

The ISSUE is when searched you do a search engine word search for “distracted in Alberta” there is an automatic negative connotation for the term ‘distracted’ because of driving laws and the extremely high rate of people driving under the influence of distractions. Literally the search results equated to a bit over a million hits in under 60-seconds!!!

Internet Searching

The 1-million negative results is why “distracted in” is just not going to cut the mustard on moving into a full blown domain name. We are truly saddened by this search result however we both agree and we do understand it is what it is, in this particular case.

However we still need to determine a good domain name for our blog to turn it into a full blown website which we can then monetize by adding links into it and drive traffic to our partners where we would earn a small commission. Such as our new JacksonCrabb Media channel on YouTube where we discuss how-to go from zero to hero in 6-months by building an affiliate marketing business. Well. more on that channel later… right now we are still trying to figure out the domain name for this here blog?

Further we want to distance ourselves from the 1-million negative hits, or negative connotations such as distracted driving laws, driver error, driving fines, courts, police or other negative search results. Because we want people to come to our website and enjoy the content whether they are interested in Affiliate Marketing, or local Edmonton cuisine, or nearby BC vineyard getaways, or Personal Finance, or a plethora of other topics.

After work James and I met up at a local Edmonton cemetery to talk about our strategy for the Day Three video for our new entity: JacksonCrabb Media which is a new YouTube channel about Affiliate Marketing and going from “zero to hero in 6-months”.

After the shoot, James went on the prowl for additional research on how to choose a great domain name and found this awesome and inspiring video by

How Choose a Blog Name

As soon as this video concluded James sent me an email informing about this video and the top key takeaways in order to create a domain name that is a bit catchy, easy to remember and should describe the type of goods and/or services you intend to provide. The name should be clear, concise and recognizable.

Then he talked about a different website where you plug in a bunch of adjectives and verbs, then the algorithms determine a list of random domain names. Thus if you are really stumped on figuring out your domain name, this too is a great way to get the creative nomenclature juices flowing.

A quick suggestion before you just hope onto or or any other web hosting site, is you perform a quick internet search of the terms you plan on using to create your unique and new website (domain), to ensure its actually what you want to pay for and be associated to.

The reason James and I are strong believers in your testing the words you are thinking of combining into making your website name or unique slogan or moniker is to understand how those terms will directly affect traffic which you are trying to pull into your website, blog, e-commerce store, YouTube channel or other social platform. Because after all this hard work, if you use a common term you may become the proverbial needle in the hay stack!

  • Term – # of hits – in # of seconds
    • Marketing – 699,000,000 hits – 0.73 seconds
    • Driver – 3,140,000,000 hits – 0.64 seconds
    • Media – 20,010,000,000 hits – 0.58 seconds
    • Link25,270,000,000 hits – 0.56 seconds
    • Affiliate – 2,200,000,000 hits – 0.42 seconds