Planning an October Road Trip to British Columbia Canada

The plan for Friday evening was not supposed to be researching a possible road trip to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia but instead was supposed to be further research into Affiliate Marketing, how to obtain links from a variety of advertisers and learning how to implement those links into a variety of social media platforms. Instead I spent my time clicking the keys and looking for a place to stay in early October.

Its September long weekend and in the previous SEVEN YEARS, we were on holiday. Nope. Not this year! Instead we were in our home office laughing and looking up places to stay at in the Okanagan Valley for a pending road trip in early October. Pending because we needed to send out the requests to our respective companies and get the approval to go.

From my wife’s perspective the best thing about planning a road trip to BC is she doesn’t really look into much and lets me plan the entire trip myself. This is a trade-off because when we fly to an international destination, we reverse who does all the planning. I’m more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy when I fly across the world. And when I am at home, I want to plan it down to the minute. Okay, not the minute but every 30-minutes! Ha, control-freak much!

The reality was, she was looking for a new computer as I pursued the websites of our favourite Inns and guesthouses cringing at the prices. “Shit, this is going to be far more difficult than expected,” I said to the computer and my wife. “What is it?” she asked while continuing to read about iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro. “Our usual haunts are more expensive then anticipated. However I am sure I will find something that will suit us.” I continued pounding the keys. It only took 36-hours to plan out where we would be staying. I changed my mind every other day. In the end I had laid out 6-different route options with some very clever places to stay: a Yurt, a cedar chalet, a room without a roof, an off the grid room with a view, a townhouse on a lake and a hobbit hole!

  • Route Option One
    • Oct 3rd – depart Edmonton approximately at 8:00am and arrive in Revelstoke (RVL), BC about 4:00pm PST. Overnight in RVL
    • Oct 4th – depart RVL head due south to Nakusp, BC then up the mountain to Nakusp Hot Springs (NHS). Stay the night in a Cedar Chalet. Go for a hike or mountain bike ride. Soak up the hot springs in the evening time.
    • Oct 5th – depart NHS and head to an undisclosed location approximately 30-minutes East of Osoyoos, BC. Hole up here for another hike or bike ride. Soak up the tranquility. A true R&R location.
    • Oct 6th – depart the Hole, and head 30-minutes West to Osoyoos. Hang out with the grandparents for a few days. Hit the golf course. Grab a self-guided wine tour trip over the mountain into the Similkameen Valley, to some of our favourite wineries.
    • Oct 7th – kicking it with the GP’s for another day
    • Oct 8th – depart in the afternoon and start the drive up North to Penticton, Peachland or Naramata Bench. Choose wisely as there are only 95-different wineries within a 20-minute drive of these areas.
    • Oct 9th – go on a Grape Escapes Wine Tour including lunch and purchase the next 2-cases of wine. Enjoy the evening relaxing by the lake
    • Oct 10th – take a hike or a bike or a kayak for a ride in the morning then pack-up and head further up the road to an unknown destination
    • Oct 11th – from the undetermined destination make the 8 to 10 hour drive back to Edmonton. Take a nap and do the laundry. Prepare for Thanksgiving day with the family.
    • Oct 12th – Thanksgiving Day! R&R with the family.

The lodging changed eight different times, as I found a better location or a nicer driving route or I decided to change the why we should stay in one place longer than another. For example I found on Air B&B a townhouse you could rent for $180.00 CAD per night. Literally backdoor to lake water was 25-feet away. They had kayak rentals and were about 10-minutes north of Oliver and south of Okanagan Falls. It was the perfect setup. But it came with a price. You would have to do all of your own cooking: breakfast, lunch, dinners. Unless you were out and about. It’d be great except it wouldn’t feel like vacation.

Then I found an option for $155.00 CAD per night. You stay in these cool mountainside rooms with glass windows and have a shared bathroom in the main house. They looked super awesome! Spectacular views. Then I reread the description: The cabin is completely off the grid (no electricity and no water), allowing you relax and take in the nature outside of your floor to ceiling windows. Due to Covid-19 there is no guest access to the kitchen or living areas of the house (with the exception of the bathroom). No meals are offered but were happy to offer you and espresso or tea should you desire. “DAMN IT!” I exclaimed to the computer, “and how are we supposed to eat?” I starred at the map. Looks like you would have to drive down to town a mere 30-minutes away to grab your 3-square meals! Lame, came to mind, and I opted out of this location.

By the end of my search, I had tweaked our route to include an overnight stay in Revelstoke on the way down. Followed by two nights with the grandparents in Osoyoos. Then four nights at a luxurious guesthouse between Penticton and Naramata Bench. The guesthouse includes a gourmet breakfast, a king sized bed, a gas fireplace, a two-person jacuzzi tub and all windows in the room overlook a Gewürztraminer vineyard. Its within a 5-kilometre radius of 10-different wineries. Close enough for us to either walk or ride our bikes to/from. As well as enjoy all the amenities of Penticton at a close range of 30-minutes walking, 15-minutes by bike or 5-minutes by Tacoma!

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