A Grape Escape in October

Yes, you read that correctly… its going to be a Grape Escape in October! We will be road tripping in the Tacoma down through central Alberta where we will veer off near Airdrie and head out to Cochrane where we will be stopping at McKay’s Ice Cream shop open since 1942 for the very best handmade ice cream in ALL of Alberta!

From here we’ll connect onto route 22 travel south a tick and a tock then connect on to the TransCanada Highway numero uno then begin making our way west towards Canmore pulling to the right and drive right past the gates of Banff National Park. As we climb the short hill we’ll zip through the mountain valley heading up past the turnoff for Lake Minnewanka then skip up past Castle Junction on our way towards Lake Louise.

Nearing the intersection of highway 93 we will peak north and fade to the left then head up to the Continental Divide. At the top of the climb we’ll pull over grab a quick photo of the British Columbia provincial sign and head over to Spiral Mountain to grab a second photo-op of the CN Railway coming up through the multi-tunnels which rise up out of Field, BC. As soon as we get to the bottom of the hill we’ll turn off to have a quick walk around the lake to stretch the legs, grab a cup of coffee and wonder back over to the Tacoma. At this point there is an 85% chance we might even switch it up for a while and let the wife drive the Taco down to Golden, BC where we will grab a bite to eat.

Only two hours more and we’ll be in Revelstoke which means we need to find out what the heck there is to do in RVL between the time we arrive and the time we’ll be looking for dinner. That’s when we will pickup a road trip guide to southern BC from the tourist centre up on the hill and learn about all the new attractions in Revelstoke. Of course it being “covid-season” we’ll have to abide by some of the new-normal rules like face masks and using 9-pounds of liquid hand sanitizer! Other than the new rules of life the trip will officially have begun as we’ll be standing on the streets of Revelstoke, tired, thirsty and looking to tear up this one mountain town!

Before we know it the sun will rise, a hot breakfast will be in our bellies and we’ll be back inside the Tacoma driving west towards Sicamous for a quick pit stop at the D’ Dutchmen Dairy Farm for a triple-scoop of walnut, peanut-butter and bubble gum ice cream. Then we’ll skip south onto highway 91A and whittle the time as we sing-along songs and count the dairy cows as we approach Enderby and their exclusive nineteen farmer’s market stalls which denotes the beginnings of “you have reached the Okanagan Valley!”

Row after row after row of fresh fruit and fresh veggie stalls will line the highway from here to Osoyoos. Wood barn doors, gigantic red and green crates stuffed full of fresh picked fruit straight from the one-million rows of orchards covering every available piece of land from the highway to the base of the nearby mountain.

The sign of fruit means we’ll be nearing the real reason we’ve driven down to the valley, the sought after crushed grape and the oooooh soooo many varieties and ways it can be crushed, squashed, mixed, and fermented into an endless assortment of wines, ciders and beers.

Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati on Pexels.com

The list of wineries is endless with over 130 in the Okanagan, Similkameen and surrounding valleys. Here is a short list of some of our Favourite Wineries and Breweries.

  • Similkameen Valley Wineries
    • Forbidden Fruit Winery
      • Everything here is awesome!
        • Pearsuasion
        • Plum
      • Rustic Roots Winery
        • Orion Ice Wine
    • Seven Stones Winery
      • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Okanagan Falls Wineries
    • See Ya Later Ranch
      • Everything is amazing!
    • Noble Ridge
      • Steel cask Chardonnay
    • Wild Goose
      • Everything – especially Port
  • Naramata Bench Wineries
    • Therapy Vineyards
      • Ego
      • Freudian sip
    • Elephant Island
      • Carisis
    • Ruby Blues
      • Merlot
  • Summerland Wineries
    • 8th Generation
      • Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Silkscarf winery
      • Rose
    • Sumac Ridge
      • Ice Wine
  • Penticton Breweries
    • Cannery Brewing
    • Bad Tattoo Brewery
Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com