Revelry and Rainstorms

Crisp water drips onto the eavestrough as the water continues dripping down the back wall of our condo building. Its accumulation on the window screen drips onto the awaiting window sill below. The drapes catch hold of cool wisps of penetrating air fluttering the monochromatic Ikea clothes into the stale air around us.

The drizzling waters from clouds out of sigh awaken our slumbering senses as we lay confused about the late night antics from our new friends at the pub. Confusion rings between our ears as we continue to hear the loud song-singing of the microphone champions.

Eyes slower than usual peel back watching the drapes flapping in the cool breeze as our skin feels the cool wetness of water now slapping and splashing through the micro-holes onto the sill, bedding and our faces. Stunned by the water and excited its landing on our exhausted bodies we lay still listening to the morning sounds, the rush of wind and more rain pouring out of the sky above.

Slowly our bed begins to shake as though an aftershock has hit this rural Albertan town. We lay for a moment listening through the drizzling air for the mighty penetration of a steam engine down the road. Its high-pitched whistle deafening nearby passersby. The tracks hold steady as the 409 train runs east to Edmonton. And the CNRL train continues its slow stroll through town.

Aftershocks extinguished we roll left over our limbs spotting a large glass of water on the bedside table. Water cup up, it misses the mouth and pours cool water down our front soaking our pyjamas, pillow and the soft Egyptian cotton bedding surrounding us both. She lays still as a mouse in the corner caught by the sight of a possible cheese in a possible trap.

Standing mouth opens then closes with a taste of bitterness from the last of yesterday’s late night beers in the parking lot outside the closed down Karaoke bar. The tongue moves around inside the teeth searching for saliva to swallow and clear the rudeness of our cheeks. Slowly stepping right foot, left foot until we reach the bathroom. Followed by a slow trudge over to the coffee pot, then the sink, then the coffee cupboard to fill up. Oven on and stumbled towards the large green corduroy L-section couch.

Falling face forward momentum carrying us downward arms still at our side we embrace the moment as our face crashes against the pillows with a louder than usual thud. Hands fumble around the couch pillows pulling out the remote control and the red power button is pushed. The TV flickers a flash of hope as an unbearable sound emits from the speakers as the announcer informs the participants of this mornings NCAA football game.

Before the players take the field eyes flicker, up, down, closed. Everything goes black as the kettle begins to steam and whistle. Thankfully she’s now in the kitchen preparing a light snack and the pot of black gold to assist in curing this new headache and hangover. “Never again, okay,” his words slip out between his lips as the drool falls to the floor, “never again, do you hear me.” He says to no one in particular. His eyes twinkle then roll back into his head as his eye lids close down tight for round two nap of the morning. His thoughts wander back into the episodes and highlights of last nights antics. Whilst she listens to his deep snoring sounds that penetrate their nine-foot ceilings.

~ James Curtis


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