How to Complete Eighty Drafts in Eighty Days

This is the most INSANE thing we have ever said to date in a blog post… there is literally EIGHTY DRAFT POSTS started all of them in various stages of completion. Some are just notes or a small list of words, or a topic which one of us was thinking about and popped a note into WordPress for a later date. Some of these drafts are more than 1,500 words and a few are just a handful of images awaiting a story to be written!

Seriously, the two of us have drafts dating back to nearly the beginning months of this blog coming into creation. Folks we are talking January 2013!!!

Our goal: Completing Eighty Drafts in Eighty Days!

Because the old version of ‘us’ didn’t anticipate their being EIGHTY DRAFTS which at this point will have been collecting the proverbial archival dust for seven plus years! James and I have decided to knock back a few micro-beers each night and start editing the plethora of drafts until we have it whittled down to less than 10 drafts!

James believes it shall take the two of us a full Eighty Days, which would land us around December 30th of this year to complete at minimum a review of each draft to decide if it has worthiness to become an actual post? Or if it will find the proverbial bottom of the trashcan? However I believe this is to be a too aggressive of a schedule because each of us will still be writing about our other upcoming article topics related to Affiliate Marketing, the upcoming Road Trip to British Columbia and an assortment of other more local topics like “Where did all the summer days go?” and “A 135-day Recap of living with COVID” or “How to Return a DJI Drone for Refresh Care Repair?”

Obviously with all this “proverbial copy dust” laying around and eventually in the air we will both have to done on our prevention masks and sort through the pile of possibilities to determine which of us will dive head first into the draft to determine its worthiness and if it has the guff to make it into a fully published post?

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EIGHTY DRAFTS its like the older version of James and I, thought the current versions of us would have more time in order to deal with the hundreds of ideas and the thousands of words sitting awaiting our present day brains to catch up with yesteryear’s drafts.

  • Some of the most prominent titles are…
    • What drives your resilience?
    • A Dolphin Named Nina in Varadaro Cuba
    • What is your Motivation for the Gym?
    • A Nest of Japanese Micro-beers
    • How to Kill an Hour of Time at the Tswassen Ferry Terminal in Vancouver, BC
    • An Island Town with 100 Totem Poles Vancouver Island BC
    • Raw Materials! Where Did You Come From?
    • An Unbelievable Gastronomical Experience in Nova Scotia
    • A Review of a pair of new Merrel, Low Profile Hiking Boots

While we sort out the whose who of assignments, we both want to thank all 293 followers of this blog for your continued support, fantastic comments and the many likes for our articles. Kudos to you for reading and enjoying Distracted in Alberta!

~ James Curtis & Aaron JacksonCrabb ~