Counting Down to the 2020 Road Trip to Southern British Columbia, Canada

The itinerary lists will be pulled out of their well hidden areas within our desks in order to have our pens touch the paper and write out the fundamental lists of what is required for a well-deserved two week holiday into Southern British Columbia, Canada.

In approximately seventeen hours the two of us will arrive home after our final Friday at work. Our eyes will be weary from the days bloodshed but our smiles will embrace under the white tacked ceiling as we realize its time to eat dinner and begin our packing regiments.

We’ve pre-discussed the concepts of our Friday evening;

  • Eat a quick dinner
  • Pack clothes, shoes, and supplies into bags
  • Prepare mountain bikes for road trip, bring jack and repair kits
  • Golf bags into the back of the truck stowed and ready for morning
  • 5-gallon jug brought up from storage to be filled in the morning with fresh water
  • Be in bed no later than 11:11pm

Then it will be a mere eight hour rest and we will awaken from our thirty-two hour countdown poised and ready to pack the Tacoma with our bags of clothes, bathroom supplies, road trip beverages and snacks in the cooler, the 5-gallon water jug, and our mountain bikes.

In my specialty bag will be our new Olympus Tough TG-6 camera equipment, its filters, extra lenses and tripod along with the in need of Refresh Care DJI Spark for logging those flight hours along the road outside, outside of the national parks and into southern British Columbia.

The 15-hour sojourn will take us from Edmonton, down through Cochrane, for a stop at our two favourite local shops: McKay’s Ice Cream and Cochrane Coffee Traders. Here we will stretch our limbs, toss the drone in the air, eat ice cream, take a break from the Tacoma, fill up with petrol and have our road trip coffees. There is a 40% chance the driver will change out here too.

We will proceed out west down the TransCanada Highway #1, watching the kilometres click on by as the 17″ tires spin us down the highway towards Canmore, past Banff and up to Lake Louise. We will wave as we pass each then peel left out of Banff National Park and up into Yoho National Park. Soon enough our smartphones will automatically change time zones into Pacific Standard Time.

The Taco will continue up and down the sloped highway until it reaches Golden, British Columbia. Here we will pause for a bite to eat, a walk along the river banks, another pop-up by the drone to capture the essence of this beautiful river valley. If we are lucky enough there will be paragliders and hang-gliders about the skies to the south of town. If this theory holds true then we will try to get above the gliders with the DJI Spark to garner an awesome at height image.

Back into the Tacoma for additional fuel supplies we will once again swap drivers out of the driver seat. The 230-kilometres will churn by along with the golden poplar leaves and miles upon miles of road construction signs as my conversation will wander in and out about the numerous Tacoma Accessories that I have in mind to build the Tacoma from its stock version into the recently christened truck to be known as Franken Taco!

Franken Taco, will deliver us into the centre of Revelstoke, BC where we will check into our usual digs at the Regent Hotel. After a little while our stomachs will churn for good food and we will wander the streets in search of nourishment. There is a small possibility that dinner will be a couples night out, if we can get ahold of some locals that we know in the area.

Early the next morning, I will rise and sneak out into the brisk dew of day to log another 15-minutes on the DJI Spark with the anticipation that the valley is covered in a light fog and the sun will be peering into the cumulus clouds above with its pink and orange morning hues. The array of sunshine will awaken the wife from her slumber. Upon my return we will clean up and head downstairs for a hot breakfast meal and coffees.

Packed into the Tacoma we will look at the wife whom will be far more awake than I, as its morning time and I’ve just been out galavanting around with my drone in the wee-hours which is totally out of my character. Its the safest option for us to reach our next destinations.

As she drives my brains will launch into a tirade of do’s and dont’s on the list of upcoming Tacoma Accessories but first I must decide which shop I should take Franken Taco to in order for him to get his second accessory upgrade a Compustar Remote Stater. The remote starter I have chosen is the 2Way ProT12 with a 5,000 foot starting range.

My eyes will flutter as the truck veers after an hour and pulls up into the northern most section of the Okanagan Valley and the beautiful crown jewel known as Sicamous, BC. Here we will hunt down the big red barn known as the Double Dutchmen Dairy where Franken Taco will be parked out front as we use the washroom facilities and then go inside to order ourselves a double scoop of peanut butter in dark chocolate and bubble gum handmade ice cream. The wife will pick something awful like tiger (liquorice and creamsicle) with maple walnut in a bowl. Either way we will enjoy the delicious ice cream whilst looking at the dairy cows at the back of the shop.

“Awake enough to have ice cream,” the wife will say then hand over the keys to Franken Taco, and we will climb into him and continue our drive. We will pass south through Enderby, and Armstrong. We will laugh at the idea of hitting up the cheese factory for habanero Monterey jack for nachos later in the week. She will smile and yell when the sign she’s been looking for appears!


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