A Three Hour Journey from Edmonton to Cochrane, Alberta

QE2 as its known in Alberta runs directly south out of Edmonton and just shy of three-hours you arrive on the outskirts of Calgary.

Today, we opted to turnoff in Airdrie and verge onto route 567, driving through the town. “This place sure had grown,” said the wife. “Honestly, I wouldn’t know as I didn’t spend much time here before,” I responded. At the same moment we peaked driving up a small incline when out of the truck in front of us a large plastic thing popped loose then came out and landed ten feet in front of us in the middle of the road.

Brakes applied Franken Taco came up short of running it over as all vehicles behind us also stopped.

“What are you doing?” the wife said as I depressed the hazard lights on Frank then replied, “lets move the thing off the roadway.”As I said that she got out and I noticed the other truck stop and a woman hope out to make the 100 yard trek to the piece of furniture. “Just toss it in the back and we’ll drive it up to her.”

Pulling into the ditch we bounced up to the lady then the wife hopped out pulled the shelf out of our truck and handed it over, “thanks guys that was really nice of you, ” the woman said. Hazard lights off, wife into the truck, we pulled Franken back onto the roadway and speed off West.

Seventeen minutes later 567 ran out of ashphalt and everyone veered left going southbound onto route 772 then a click later another right turning onto Big Springs Valley road. Up, and down the road we went as traffic picked up. Eventually we made it to the Cowboy Trail, highway 22, and swung left at the Shell truck-stop. Another ten minutes and we were stuck in a 50 car lineup on the single lane roadway outside of Cochrane.

“Damn,” she said, “this place is super busy. I don’t remember it being this busy when we lived around here?”

“Yeah, this is nuts! Its only going to get worse as we get closer,” I replied then, “It seems they should have widened the roads around here before they started building infrastructure.”

Twelve minutes later we pulled down main street then turned left onto 2nd Avenue and pulled up in front of Cochrane Coffee Traders and parked Franken diagonally into a spot.

Standing in front of the shop were nine cyclists and a plethora of road bicycles. On the patio was a black and white dog wagging his tail at everyone whom came with petting distance.

(C) 2020 JacksonCrabb Photography
A man & his paper

We ordered a tall americano, a large hazelnut latte with soy milk, a vegan gluten-free muffin, a chocolate-banana muffin and an egg-potato and bacon breakfast wrap for $33.25 CAD. Everything went in except for half the chocolate-banana muffin as there was more chocolate chips than muffin!

Eight minutes onward we climbed into Franken and pulled away from the sidewalk then drove over to the gas station to filler up for the next leg of the trip into Banff National Park.

(C) 2020 JacksonCrabb Photography