Uncharted Territory; an Early Start to a Road Trip

Yesterday we rose at 6:45am to the SURPRISE of the wife sitting on the couch reading her morning book. She smiled gingerly when I said “lets try to be out by nine,” I smiled and she starred then she tilted her head touched one of her new Samsung wireless ear pieces and responded, “what was that?”

Repeating myself she smiled and agreed that leaving earlier would be okay with her as my estimate was we would reach Revelstoke, BC by 4:00pm our time, as its roughly a 7hr drive from home.

Immediately following this brief conversation I pulled the final packing pieces out of the bathroom then decided last minute that I wanted to bringing jogging sweat pants which meant changing out my Dakine backpack for the carry-on suitcase. Quickly I pulled apart the back repacking and instead of leaving the backpack behind because it held other daily essentials like a first-aid kit, epi-pen, SOS blanket, gift cards, hotel chain discount cards, safety sunglasses and more, that I’d just stuff my mountain bike bag with hydration system and drone bag into this one and bring them all.

Items packed I headed for the door grabbing other pre-packaged grocery bags a vareity of equipment, shoes and roadtrip snacks then headed down into the garage.

Without much thinking we tossed everything into the backseat because it still required rearranging once we had the rest of the items out of the condo. Then I fired up Franken Taco and drove him outside because it will be easier to load the GT mountain bikes there.

Two trips later in and out of the condo we had nearly everything laid out around the truck and started with 2 sets of golf clubs and 2 GT mountain bikes into the truck bed.

Shortly after packing in the first bike and 2 golf bags, I started pondering the lock and 2nd bike. Which made me realize the trifold tonneau cover should have been removed! Stupid tonneau cover I said to Franken Taco, who immediately giggled but then I heard “are you talking to your truck?”

I spun around nearly falling out the tailgate to see my wife with her purple carry-on standing next to the other things strewn beside the open backseat door.

“Yup,” I said leaving it at that. “Is anything else going in here?,” she pointed to the backseat. “Nope, clubs are already packed and locked into the truck bed. There’s too much stuff to put them back there,” I smiled.

She started packing the backseat as I continued maneuvering the 15-foot security cable through the bike then the packing blanket and second bike. More cable until it was properly connected to the truck bed’s d-ring system. Next a single ratchet strap over and thru the 2nd bike securing it down.

“Was there anything else,” she asked halfway through the stuff. “Nope, thats all of it,” I replied.

Everything stowed we climbed into the front seats of Franken Taco at 8:38am, ready to set off. “Breakfast?” I asked. “How about we stop in Red Deer?” She says. I nodded in agreement then turned left out the driveway to start our Southern British Columbia road trip.

(C) 2020 JacksonCrabb Photography
Franken Taco


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