An Adventure in Hospitality at Hotel Zed in Kelowna British Columbia

We turned right off Route 97 onto Water Street for one block, then chucked a left onto Lawrence Avenue another block another left finally onto Abbott Street within seconds Hotel Zed glimered its bright hues into the early evening sky.

“Just park alongside that van there,” I said pointing to a 1960’s VW Vanagon all dressed up in green and pink with the hotel logo on its side. “Got it,” she replied, pulling in and shutting off Franken Taco.

Pausing at the door, I read their COVID-19 procedures. Nothing more than social distancing 2metrea (6-feet) from others. No rules about masks? Odd I thought then pulled my mask over my ears, nose and mouth.

“What is your reservation number? I will look you up,” said the clerk. “Sorry, we didn’t make a reservation. We checked online earlier,” I said.

He smiled then smirked then says, “we have a room available for $169 per night.”

Really? That’s odd because we just saw your online rate for $125 per night,” I replied wheeling out the trusty Samsung Note 9 to locate the Hotel Zed website page and show the clerk.

Oh! Triple A discount. If you’d like a cheaper room you can look at our other location,” he replied. “Naaaaah,” says Shauna with sarcasm dripping off her lips, “I believe we’ll take a room here for tonight.” She smiled standing to my left awaiting his next reply.

Head down, he scanned the booking page then replied “room with a view or king size bed?” I looked at her then the wall behind him then at the computer and replied with a gentle, “room with a view sounds good.” He nodded then clicked this and that on his mouse. “Please place credit card and photo ID in those two spots.” Cards out of wallet and set into their respective holders he typed into his keyboard then clicked then more typing. A few minutes later with a charge of $145.15 we were checked into room 290.

Our next BIG ADVENTURE started in the worlds tightest parking lot. We tried maneuvering Franken between a Hyundai and a Nissan to no avail. Then backed out into the street and pulled around the corner. Quickly we spotted a parking space near the pool which meant only 1 other vehicle could park next to us.

Pulling Franken around sideways then backed him up and into the space with room to spare on the drivers side. Pulling out our luggage and situating the rest of our cargo for a good nights rest.

“This place is awesome!” I said flicking on the lights as we entered room 290. “Oooh, I’m excited to see what you see?” Came her reply.

Your right, ” this will be a fine place for tonight she said.

Followed by “I wonder what we can find for dinner around here?”It should be fairly simple. From what the desk clerk said there is Naked Cafe which we ate lunch at. It was good but not filing. Then there was Fernando’s pub, which is Mexican cuisine and is always a good choice or there is a couple other spots according to Google. My personal recommendation is we lock up, go look for menus and bring the drone for afterwards! Whatcha think about that?”

“Yeah I like that idea,” she replied then pulled her fleece sweatshirt out of her suitcase and exclaimed, “I’m ready for our next Kelowna adventure.”

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