An Arrival at the GP Lodge in Osoyoos, British Columbia

Part One: Upon arrival at the GP Lodge we were instantly let into their home and given hello’s and hugs from a distance. It was the beginning of a new COVID-era ritual each morning after rising from our slumber and in the afternoon when we returned from our daily adventures.

The GP’s ordered up take-n-bake pizza for dinner on Sunday evening, as we dined on pizza we chatted about our respective lives post-COVID, what we’ve been doing, how work has been and what was on our itinerary for Osoyoos?

“We have no plans,” said their oldest grandchild, “we are flying by the seat of our pants.” Followed by an award winning smile. Her grandmother sensing some sarcasm said, “Would you like to see your aunt and uncle?”

She looked between grandma and myself, “whatever you would like to do,” was my response. She smiled and nodded yes, that it would be nice to see her aunt Debbie and uncle Rob as well as aunt Helen and uncle Dan. Before the dishes were in the kitchen sink grandma had the phone at her ear conversing with her children Debbie and Dan, arranging our visits with each of them for tomorrow.

Your auntie will be here in the morning as she’s busy and headed for the coast tomorrow morning. And your uncle says you should call him when you want to visit. Do you remember where he lives?” grandma asked. “You bet,” was my reply. “Without Aaron, I’d be lost,” said my wife then, “He’s a human geography map. He always knows where everything is. If he’s been there once he’ll know how to find it again!”

After dinner conversations went back and forth between why we didn’t call last night from Revelstoke to our plans for the upcoming days ahead to each grandparents latest ailments to life during COVID and of course, golf.

“Well, we didn’t call from Revelstoke because we decided to drive to Kelowna. And we didn’t call this afternoon because we weren’t sure how long we’d be on our way down through the valley as we planned to stop at some wineries along the way,” Shauna informed.

Grandma sat taking it all in, then informed she’d be getting ready for bed and disappeared into their bedroom followed by grandpa a few minutes later.

The following morning we rose early heading outside to fly the drone and take some images along the lake front and Haynes point. Upon turning it on a new message loaded saying your in a restricted flight zone area review the following questions and respond. Reading and scrolling I went searching through the menu.

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Drone serial number
  • Pilot certification
  • Insurance number
  • Permit number

After reading this I checked the zoning and noticed it now covered 10 kilometers in every direction from the center point of town. This is a new restriction I thought as I flew the drone last year from the east side of the lake without any restrictions. Oh well plan B. Head over the mountain to the Similkameen Valley and fly it there.

Upon reentry of the house I heard “what are you kids doing today? Your grandpa has a tee time at 8:50am.” “Good question. Aaron what do you think?” Asked Shauna. “Let’s see what Dan is up to? Then hit the Similkameen valley wineries. See aunt Debbie and be back here after lunch?” Sounds good to me,” said Shauna then I heard keys on a phone being punched.

A few seconds later the phone hung up and grandma informed aunt Debbie would be down shortly as she’s got errands to run before heading off to the coast with her friends.

(C) 2020 JacksonCrabb Photography
On the back porch

Whilst awaiting the aunt to arrive, grandma snuck outside for a quick morning sunshine break whilst we ate our breakfast sandwiches and drank earl grey tea.

Aunt Debbie arrived in an extreme hurry running into the room, talking quickly, informing about her daughter the one married to a movie star, about what they’re up to and his next big tv show, something about them possibly moving to BC, and about her trip to the coast. In roughly forty-five minutes she spoke 120,276 words and everyone else listened patiently. Then she was out the front door nearly as quickly as she had arrived.

“Hi, uncle Dan. Aaron and I were wondering when you would like us to stop by? Oh really. Your in Penticton today. No, we are in Osoyoos for the next couple of days. Oh yes, aunt Debbie must have got it wrong. Oh no. Don’t hurry home on our account. We will stop by later today. Okay. Will do. Talk to you later. Bye,” said Shauna.

“So, to the valley then? And we’ll see them on the way back?” I asked as she hung up the phone. “Yup,” she nodded in agreement then, “let’s get outta here.”