Scheduling a Tee-Time at Osoyoos Golf Course with Grandpa

Prior to turning down Sumac Road to drive down to the end of the road and visit Shauna’s favourite vineyard we made a phone call to Grandma to pour the BBQ sauce into the crockpot as the pork shoulder should be about three-quarters cooked and it was time for the saucing.

Hanging up the phone we spent the next hour plus hanging out at Forbidden Fruit Winery tasting wines, listening to Steve and determining the bottles we were taking home with us.

Turning off Sumac Road to the right we entered onto Highway 3 beginning the ascent up and eventually over Richter Pass heading away from Similkameen Valley and heading towards Uncle Dan and Aunt Helen’s home. A couple years back the entire family flew down in May 2017 to attend a SURPRISE 85th birthday party for Grandpa. That party was at the community hall at Uncle Dan & Aunt Helen’s complex. I knew coming from the Valley the complex with the red shingled roofs would be on the right side of the road. What I was unsure of was where the turnoff would be?

Sometime around 3:33pm I spotted the railway museum turnoff and couldn’t recall if this was the road we required? or if it was the next. Slowing down, we ended up doing a U-turn and going back to the first road. We spent a good hour in their home talking about how we’ve been, surgeries, recovery, COVID and our plans for this trip.

After returning to the GP Lodge, I kicked off my shoes at the front door and ran for the bathroom. Whilst washing my hands I heard Shauna say, “Grandpa, we should wait until Aaron is out of the bathroom and ask him. I’m not sure what time we have to be in Penticton tomorrow?” Walking around the corner from the bathroom into the family room, I thought, sounds like the old chap was able to secure a tee time excellent!

Entering the room, Shauna looked over at me and says, “Hey can we do a 2:30pm tee time, tomorrow?” Everyone’s eyes turned to look my direction and hear the response, “Yeah, that’ll work,” I said. Then grandma’s face flushed, “Are you sure? Don’t you have to check-in at your guesthouse?” her voice cracked as if the guesthouse was a first-come first-served type of accommodation. “Nah, It’s all good. We have to show up after 3:00pm and before 10:00pm. If we are going to be later than that, we’d just give them a call and let them know. You know, that’s what deposits are for, yeah,” I said cracking a smile.

Grandma pulled the phone closely to her face then depressed speed dial #3 and handed the phone to Grandpa. “Hello, yes Annie, this is Don Bennet may I speak to the pro shop please. Thank you Annie. Hi Carol, yes it is I, Don Bennet can you ask Mike if that 2:00pm tee time is available. Sure I can hold for Mike. Hi Mike, this is Don Bennet, can you tell me if that tee time is still available. Yeah, the one at 2:00pm for 3 of us. Yeah it is! Great, please book us in for that time. Okay. Yeah, you said 2:30pm. Oh hold on,” he looked over his shoulder at me. I smiled then nodded yes to the later tee time. “Looks like we are a go for 2:30pm. Yeah. Okay. Thanks Mike, see you tomorrow.” and the 88-year old hung up the phone.

“You two will want to warm up tomorrow right?” grandpa asked. “Yes. that would be best, since this is our first round of golf for the season,” I responded. His face flushed one he realized what I had said. You could see him thinking it through, these two haven’t played a round of golf since sometime in 2019. Great! What did I get myself into. Then his cheeks reddened, as he began to chuckle to himself then said, “perhaps the two of you will need a (grandpa) lesson before we begin playing tomorrow?

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Granddaughter & Grandpa Warm Up