Morning Preparations for an Afternoon at the Golf Course

On Tuesday morning the entire house seemed to have risen early. Grandpa started his day at his regular hours of 5:30am getting dressed, stuffing his pockets full of dog treats and heading out the door whistling for his morning walk-about the neighbourhood. Shortly thereafter the wife couldn’t sleep anymore and rose around 6:30am pulling herself out of bed and around the corner to the bathroom then into the kitchen to begin making coffee and her morning rituals. Around 7:00am Grandma came wandering out of her bedroom dressed in her morning attire and started her search for Earl Grey tea and a carrot muffin on the counter. Sometime around then Grandpa came in the door all cheery and smiles on his face. I could hear the three of them chattering about random topics as I lay in bed thinking about the day to come; 1) breakfast and leisure around the house 2) warming up this body for a round of golf 3) the drive to the golf course 4) actual warm up, hitting a bucket of balls, putting a few on the green and stretching 5) playing a round of nine with grandpa – always a good time 6) packing the truck and 7) departing north up the valley to our next destination E’Laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat!

Sneaking out of the bedroom around 8:30am after editing a couple of photos from the drone flight yesterday, in the Similakmeen Valley I emerged to smiling faces and a question about what was going to be for breakfast? I didn’t answer, as I knew we were having egg sandwiches with bacon and spinach. Everything sounds good to me,” I responded, “but first I will take a cup of Earl Grey to warm the innards up.” Starring in my direction Grandpa replies, “you don’t want coffee?”

After two days of being around the grandparents he still wants to know why I’m not drinking coffee. Maybe its because coffee is like drinking dirt. Or maybe its because when I drink dirt I want it to look like mud. I LOVE STRONG COFFEE. The kind that most people refer to as the colour of oil, dark and heavy.

Yeah grandpa, I’m a tea drinking, just like Grandma,” I replied, smiling at the wife and kissing her a good morning, “how long you been up?”Since 6:30am. And you’ve been up since?” she replies. “Oh yeah know, probably like an hour ago… but I was editing drone photos. Why did you need my support out here?” Smiling she softly punches me in the stomach then said, “do you want breakkie now or later?” Thinking it over for all of 30-seconds, “whatever you would like, I could eat now or later. You’ve been up longer.”

Pulling at the refrigerator the items for the breakfast sandwiches started piling out onto the counter when Grandpa says “you two are okay with going a bit early to warm up, right?” Without looking back at him and in unison we replied, “yes that works,” then we laughed at the unison reply.

Chit chatter with the grandparents occurred over the course of breakfast and leading up into lunchtime. Grandpa was in and out of the house as he spotted this and that in the yard to keep himself busy. First it was the hedge which we went to the garage to get the weed-whacker. Next it was the mound of rocks where the old spruce tree was which should be levelled out. Shoes on Grandpa was in the yard kicking stones about. Sometime after that the neighbour’s hedge became subject of the discussion and before we could respond the old fella had a pair of sheers in his hands and was back in the yard nipping at the hedge on his side of the invisible fence line.

Shortly before 1:30pm Grandpa repeated the earlier question, “Are you two ready to go up and get a warm up in before we tee-off this afternoon?” His internal clock was ticking and the man wanted out of the house and into the sunshine. “Sure, we can be ready in 15-minutes,” replied Shauna. After her response I headed out front to the Tacoma truck bed to pull the security cable out of the golf bag handles and make them more accessible when we arrived at the golf course. A little bit after that we were standing at the front door with our golf attire on, water in our bottles and were ready to hit the links in the warmth of the day.