Awaken Your Senses Beyond the Touches of Your Cellphone

It must have been eight months ago a colleague of mine and I were bullshitting about cellphones, how many times a person touches it and what our waking up routine is like before breakfast. This is when he says to me, “the wife and I stopped bringing our cellphones into the bedroom about 11-months ago. We went back to using an alarm clock.” Looking up at him my face contorted at when the light bulb caught up to what he just said. “Seriously. No cellphones in the bedroom? Where do you charge them at night?”

He smiled and said, they both are plugged in for the night down stairs on the main floor. He then informed he read an article a few weeks back that the average person touches their cellphones something like 50-times in the first 30-minutes they are awake! An astonishing 60% of things touched in the first 30-minutes a person is awake?

He went further notifying on average the cellphone is touched something like 1,000 times in a single day. Its because the phone is no longer a phone and has evolved into a mini-personal computer with its applications; debit card, credit card, texting, video watching, conference calls, sending emails, playing video games, millions of apps and more!

I stood silenced by this information starring at him then my coffee mug thinking; how many times did I touch my phone this morning?

  • At 6:46am, the first alarm would have begun buzzing on the Samsung Note 9. touch 1 – snoozed it
  • 5-minutes later it started singing its snoozed tune. touch 2- snoozed it again
  • 7-minutes later I realized its been buzzing for a few minutes. touch 3 – snoozed it to a stop
  • 3-minutes after this touch, the second alarm began ringing out a new tune. touch 4 to snooze it
  • Then I swung my legs out of the bed, touch 5 grabbed phone, to check the time with my half closed eyes, and pulled on my morning clothes
  • Touch 6 picking up the phone after using the bathroom to head out into the kitchen
  • Pulling down a bowl and morning breakfast, preparing a meal touch 7- to set the phone on the kitchen table as I place the bowl down to eat
  • Touch 8 – turning on an app-online chess, to awaken my decision making skills
    • Touches 9 to 100 – playing a couple of online chess matches
  • Departed the breakfast table at 7:45am to go get ready for work
  • Touch 101 – placed phone into backpack and headed out the door at 8:01am


I had touched the phone prior to departing our condo for the office. Unreal. Why are humans this reliant on this technology? When did this evolve to a necessity on a minute scale? And is there a way today, to cut down on the amount of touches per day? Could I, like my colleague transition out of using the cellphone as an alarm clock? Could this tiny step change my morning routine? And would it be worth it?

That evening I went home with one thing in mind: RESEARCH.

It is ALL true! On average people are touching their cellphone on average 2,617 (low end) to 5,400 (high end) times per day! Business Insider article July 13, 2016 by Julia Naftulin 

Astonished by the numbers, I was determined to figure out how I could STOP myself from touching the cellphone. What actions could I take to use my cellphone less? Where could I began? It had to be something simple… like removing the phone from the bedside table and replacing it with an alarm clock.

Soon, my research went from the number of touches per day on my cellphone to looking up types of modern day alarm clocks. Like almost anything these days there are thousands of choices for an alarm clock; AM/FM Radio clock, LED alarm clock, connect to iPhone, connect to Android, LED with projected displays, Daylight wake-up alarm clock and so many more. Then there is the list of considerations in purchasing the alarm clock;

  • What will your budget be ?
  • How loud does the volume have to be ?
  • What extra features or functions should the clock have ?
  • What is most effective for you to wake up to ?

For an entire day, I pondered and weighed these questions whilst conducting further research into where all the alarm clocks had gone. Finally I settled on one in particular because of its interesting features;

  • Spa-like sounds
    • Birds singing, Ocean waves, Stream, Wind chimes, Piano music, Low beep
  • AM/FM radio
    • Preset up to 10 channels
  • Dual alarm clock
    • 2x weekday and 2x weekend
  • Sunlight simulation
    • Up to 20-different settings from glowing red to bright daylight

Intrigued by these features because our master bedroom is like a dark dungeon, I decided to purchase the Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock with Spa-like sounds!

Alarm Clock Colored Sunrise Simulation & Dual Alarm Clock with FM Radio, 7 Natural Sound and Snooze Functions

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