Are You a Morning Commuter; Traffic Dance Party Goer?

You’ve all heard those people who sit in their automobiles on the roadway with their radio cranked up to 42 listening to some hip-hop artist or maybe its old school R&B or possibly a new track from Keith Toby or some new Top 40’s DJ. All you are thinking is there goes my peaceful quiet commute to work… geez who is this person?

Finally the jerk pulls a right onto 76th Avenue and veers away from your vehicle as the light changes from green to yellow to red and you slow to a stop as your own Sirius tune begins to play. First its just a casual nod of the head, then a tap of the fingers and its electricity reaches your feet as they begin casually bouncing around the pedals. Without thinking of it your pleasant morning commuter fingers graze the volume control on your own steering wheel as the volume SOARS up to an appreciable 22. Your head is a bobbin’ and a weavin’ as you spot the guy in the car beside you glaring at you like you just stole his morning cookie. Yeah, he thinks of you like you just thought about that hip-hop car back on 76th Avenue.

You smile, he smiles, you wave, he gives you the finger. Nice. Real nice another jerk on the roadway… and before you know it the light has changed colours just as a new tune you really enjoy comes up on the radio.

You casually lean your hand over to the power window controls and open up your own little sound system, cracking the windows a smidge then your fingers come back up to the volume control and it depresses the button as the volume SOARS up to 44! Now come check me out fella! Just as you expect him to pull up next to you, he veers left and disappears down 82nd Avenue. Damn it! you think, as your head starts to bounce to the tune BLARING in your ears at 08:08am.

Your head bobs left, then bobs right, a finger starts shaking then an arm and then your whole body is convulsing to the music as you glance in the rear view mirror and notice the person behind you is also jamming out in their own way possibly to the same tune! Commuter Dance Party! You glance left and she’s got her arms up off the steering wheel. She smiles at you, you smile back and continue with your groove. The Party lasts all 2 minutes and 20 seconds as the light finally changes back to green from red.

Feet up off brakes and down onto the gas. Everyone lurches forward continuing there commutes.

Another 1,000 meters and your song disappears as the RADIO ANNOUNCERS VOICE COMES BLARING OVER THE SOUND SYSTEM! shit! you scream, but no one can hear you. You quickly depress the down volume key as the sound comes back to a reasonable 8. Your turn is coming up soon. You push the left signal light down, check the rear view mirror, the side mirror, a quick shoulder check and all is clear. Instinctively you check ahead of you then beside you again as you pull on the steering wheel moving your commute into the left hand lane.

Vehicle in the correct lane, you slide into the left turn lane. Thankfully the announcers are just dribbling on about something they saw on the television last night. You unconsciously forget they are even in the vehicle with you as you slide around the corner into the West bound street. Up a short hill, then down its backside you weave in and out of traffic at the speed limit.

The announcers have disappeared and are replaced with an advertisement for a local ma-and-pa burger joint with a catchy jingle. You catch yourself humming along and notice no one is present for your solo.

A few moments later you are far enough down the roadway you try changing up the FM stations when you catch a commuter whose just pulled up next to you bobbing their head. You smile at the new commuter in traffic and wonder what station are they listening to? You continue depressing buttons up and down the FM dial looking for a beat that satisfies the commute.

Eventually you catch a tune… the tune starts bouncing between your ears as you slow to a halt before yet another red light. You look to your left and he’s engaged in a solo of Bruce Springsteen proportions. Then you spot a disco dancing queen in the rear view mirror and an arm flaring head bobbing DJ spinning LOUDER than the original car waaaay back on 76th and your fingers begin tap, tap, tapping to the beat of the next drum set. As another successful Commuter Dance Party has begun.