Three Rounds; Who Are You Predicting Will Reach the Ultimate Goal?

This weekend marks the beginning of the end of the ’20/’21 season for the National Football League (NFL) as eight-teams embark on the greatest journey of every season as they head into the Divisional round of four-football games remaining in the year.

This past season is one for the record books and NOT because of spectacular plays, or highlight reels, or determining the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) title. No, this season has been tantamount of yesteryear! It has been one of the STRANGEST seasons’ since… well, since the American Professional Football Association (APFA) league‘s inauguration in 1920!! Literally it took 100-years to reach the strangest season of all time.

When the inaugural season began in 1920 the AFPA had registered twenty-something teams to participate. Over the course of its inaugural season the team list would fluctuate as teams went bankrupt, or couldn’t field enough players to compete, or did such a poor job that they decided not to compete any further in the season.

Below is a list of twenty-teams whom played in the 1920 inaugural season. The teams listed in green font were some of the teams whom dropped out. The team in yellow font was one of the teams whom completed the 1920 season. Interestingly enough this team also, only played in one game. Their only game of the season was a losing battle against a much stronger team the Rock Island Independents whom beat them 45-0 at Douglas Park.  The Flyers tried to schedule other games, but their opponents canceled each game in order to play better teams.

  1. Akron Pros
  2. Buffalo All-Americans
  3. Canton Bulldogs
  4. Chicago Cardinals
  5. Chicago Tigers
  6. Cleveland Tigers
  7. Columbus Panhandles
  8. Dayton Triangles
  9. Decatur Staleys
  10. Detroit Heralds
  11. Hammond Pros
  12. Pullman Thorns
  13. Moline Universal Tractors
  14. Muncie Flyers
  15. Rochester Jeffersons
  16. Rockford A.C.
  17. Rock Island Independents
  18. Utica Knights of Columbus
  19. St Paul Ideals
  20. West Buffalo
APFA Inaugural Season

During the 1920 season fans rarely attended professional football games mainly because their entertainment dollars were spent watching the “national pastime” Professional Baseball, or attending boxing matches, or heading out to their favourite college football stadium.

The roaring 20’s is known as the Golden Age of Sports because people were at the peak of peace, prosperity and happiness as many Americans wanted to forget the war and focus on enjoying lift to its fullest. Sports in the 1920’s by Jim Sumner

Flash Forward ONE HUNDRED YEARS into the year 2020…

It’s January 1, 2020 were people are gathering across the United States cosily attending National Football League games. They are arriving all dressed up in jersey’s, and jeans getting ready for the pre-game tailgate parties with their portable barbecues. They are at the height of fever in enjoyment of their favourite sports.

Nearly three months later the world would come to a standstill as a person is diagnosed with a virus eventually named COVID-19. And this, this one case would rapidly spread across an entire globe of people causing unprecedented illness.

At which it would change the face of the world, including entertainment and sports. People would be banned in North America from attending their favourite professional pastimes: Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Football. Some sports wouldn’t even try to commit to having a season like the Canadian Football League, or the National Lacrosse League. People made decisions to literally “hermitize” the entire world.

Then for whatever reason, the commissioner of the National Football League and his constituents decided to flag the season, and forge onward to give people a safe way to enjoy the NFL. Even if that meant NOT having fans in the parking lots, or stadiums, or in local pubs watching the game. Their decision fell in tune with what the people of 1920 must have been thinking: peace, prosperity and happiness.

This weekend post-marks the divisional rounds in the NFL. Its were the last four-teams in each division: American or National, face off to determine whom will play in the Championship rounds and ultimately whom will make it to Super Bowl Sunday.

The eight teams remaining in the season are;

National Football Conference Teams

  • Green Bay Packers
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • New Orleans Saints

American Football Conference Teams

  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Kansas City Chiefs

The four games being played this weekend

The Tantamount Season of 2020

this weekend’s predictions;

  • Green Bay Packers by 10 points
  • Buffalo Bills by 3 points
  • Cleveland Browns in OT by 3 points
  • New Orleans Saints by 7 points

Let the games begin!

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb