Dreams; Should You Try to Interpret Them?

For as long as I can remember I have always had extremely vivid dreams. These dreams come and go as they please. Some mornings I will wake up and feel more tired than when I went to sleep the night before. Dreams are a mystery into someone’s subconscious mind. Some people will go to great lengths to understand and interpret their dreams. To see if they can grasp and learn about themselves or the people within the dream.

The one thing that really gets to me is how possessive the dreams can become. Its as if I am playing a role for a different character whom is not my real everyday self. I’ve never been to a psychologist or a person who interprets dreams. Rather I have only discussed portions of dreams with my wife. Usually these are the ones that have either disturbed me to the core or have been so “real to life” that I feel like I have not slept a wink all night.

These dreams usually appear in a four to fourteen day cycle.

I’ve thought about journaling them but am afraid of what it might reveal about my subconscious. As an extremely curious person I wonder if these types of dreams happen to others?

The most recent dream, which has been stuck in the back of my mind for a few days starts off in a simple setting at a friends house with people socializing (without masks on) thus this is either before COVID-19 or after. There are never any clocks on the walls, nor do I carry a modern cellphone or wear a watch. I’m never concerned during the dream state about the time. It’s a fluid amount of time and it is not standing still. There are several interactions typically with two to ten people. And I am always at these events alone.

When its a dream with multiple people there is usually a key-figure or person whom I am trying to interact with and the rest of the people are in the background or foreground of said dream. They are like acquaintances of the dream. And sometimes my current wife is present in the dreams. However she is never the main focus of the dream. Except this one time, which was super random as she was there with someone else whom I didn’t recognize but that person/couple has never reappeared in any other dreams since that one moment. These “acquaintances” exist to make the dream become “more real“. If that makes sense?

This latest dream was two nights ago. I was attending a social party, walking from the back of the house through the open floor concept. It was a newer home which I had never been in before. It was either early Spring or Summer as people were congregating on the back porch and there were several tiki-torches. People were dancing to music coming out of speakers mounted in the corners of the home. There was a line of party goers tapping on Djembe and Congo drums. The music was Reggae-ish with a bit of a soul-vibe to the beat. Everyone in the room was smiling and dancing there was very little talking. Which makes the dream a bit odd.

All of the sounds were ambient sounds. It’d be like going to a movie and all of the characters are physically in the move, moving about this way and that. Their mouths opening and closing as-if they were speaking but no vocal sounds were coming out. The only sounds were all of the ambient noises. The crickets in the corner, and the tunes coming out of the speakers. Along with the hands slapping against the skins of drums. People’s feet shuffling across the deck outside or along the tiled floor indoors. That’s when I spot this dark-haired woman of about 5′ 5″. She’s standing still across the room. Neither the music nor the sound of the drums is persuading her to move. As I said, I’m curious. And I wander over to talk to her.

As I near her, she turns and looks up to me with two deep brown eyes. She smiles. I smile. We smile. Before either of us can say any words she reaches out grabbing my left hand, the one without a beverage and pulls me outside onto a balcony. As the door shuts behind us, she gently pushes me in the stomach moving me into a dark corner.

I stand before her.

She looks up her big brown eyes looking up into my blue eyes. She blinks and stands before me. Her arms come up above her head as she tugs at the back of her neck line and reveals a small flat stomach. She smiles again and begins moving her hips even though we cannot hear any music or the sound of the drums outside on the other side of the house.

She’s moving and I’m frozen in the corner.

Her hair sways left and right as she becomes slowly more seductive in her moves. She’s in a trance of some kind dancing on this balcony before me. I think to myself, this is fantastic, I wonder whom she is? She looks very familiar but I cannot place where I know her from?

As her body continues to move she spins around and around in front of me as her body starts to slide left and right, then she tugs on my left hand motioning me to join her for this intimate maneuver. I cannot resist her big brown eyes and deep smile.

We begin to dance moving left and right in unison, then out of sync.

She tugs at my belt buckle and unsnaps her top button of her blouse. She’s either trying to seduce me, or I’m just very comfortable with where we are at. Dancing on the balcony in front of anyone whom may be watching. I’m mesmerized by her natural beauty. She smiles. I smile. We smile.

~ James Curtis