Open a Pod or Leave it Closed? Which Type of “Passenger” Would You Be?

Last year the wife and I watched “Passengers” its this movie about a guy who wakes up during a trip through space and he’s awoken ninety-something years early. His journey is taking him to a place called Homestead Two. After a year struggling to live by himself onboard this space craft, he accidentally comes across a female passenger whose still in her pod.

From what little information you have, she appears to be happily laying in hibernation.

After several one sided conversations with her lying in her pod he chooses to look up her information inside the classification area onboard the space craft. Then he decides that he needs to make the BIGGEST decision of his existence;

  • should I leave her happily in her pod? or
  • should I pop that pod open and free her to live with me on this desolate spaceship?

Of course the guy struggles for what is perceived to be several weeks on going over the pros and cons, of this decision. He is trying convince himself both why he should open it and why he should not.

What’s even better is the spacecraft has a bar onboard with an Artificial Intelligence bartender. The bartender is named Arthur. Arthur is the one thing/person whom he decides to confess and confide in. Because well, its the only “alive” thing on the spacecraft other than himself.

Arthur of course, doesn’t understand the predicament that this guy is claiming to have. As Arthur is only programmed to respond as required to simple questions. As he/it doesn’t understand or comprehend what is “right” from what is “wrong”.  Mainly because he’s a friggin’ robot!

The main character of course, doesn’t realize that someday this simple A.I. Robot named Arthur might have a malfunction or might not understand the consequences of informing this woman after you say, open her pod, that this was NOT an acceptable thing to do?

For like two weeks after we watched this movie the wife and I debated over this plot like if it was actually going to occur in our lifetimes and as if we were this main character.

  • What would your choice be?
    • to open, or not open the pod?
    • and why did you choose to open the pod?
    • why did you not choose to open the pod?

You are the main character in this story plot. You have awoken 90-years too early and will live and die on the space craft all by yourself unless…

  1. Case One: You find another person’s pod. Someone you do not know. And you find their file and start reading it/watching videos of them. You now feel engaged to this person. Like you know them and want to spend quality time with them. Do you open this other person’s pod ?
  2. Case Two: What if instead of it being a random stranger’s pod whom you are contemplating over, what if it was your wife or husband? Would you open their pod?
  3. Case Three: What if instead of it being your wife or husband, let’s say it was your kid. Lets say a teenager or tween. Its your only daughter or son. Would you open their pod?
  4. Case Four: Instead of it being immediate family, say it was your aunt or uncle, a cousin perhaps or a close friend. Do you leave them as-is in the pod? Or do you bust them out?

Here are the results of our discussion. My wife and I debated over how long we would wait to open another person’s pod? If we were in his position.  Then debated over how long we would wait if we were a married couple on board the ship.

  • My wife’s responses; 
    • Case One – I would wait a year, maybe longer and see how I was feeling. If I still felt alone, I would open up the other person’s pod. And say it was random that their pod malfunctioned. Then I would get to know them. 
    • Case Two – If it was you. I would wait maybe a week, or two. Then I would pop that POD OPEN really fast because you are funny and make me laugh. 
    • Case Three – I would leave them in their pod and hope that they reached their destination 
    • Case Four – It would depend on which family member it was
  • My responses;
    • Case One – Never… I’m good with being by myself 
    • Case Two – I’d give it a week or a month, so I could explore the ship on my own. Then I would POP OPEN your pod and show you all the cool stuff I’d been doing on the ship! 
      • Explore the ship
      • Jump into a space suit and go outside!!!
      • Hang ten in the swimming 
      • As soon as I noticed anything “odd” going on in the ship like malfunctioning. I’d be SUPER proactive! And start looking to see what’s wrong? and how to repair it? 
      •  Eat Chinese food for breakfast 
      • Drive a rover
      • Build a garden
      • With you… I would do that stuff above for a few weeks, then I’d open up your pod to play one-on-one basketball and show you around the spaceship! 
    • Case Three and Four – I would leave them in their pods and hope they reach their destination because I’d be doing all those things above and then some…

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb