Coinbase is Offering You a Reward of Bitcoins!

Okay, skeptics and realists, that is what we all are, right?

Is your glass half-empty or is it half-full…

Brace yourself, this article might send investment shockwaves into your system…

I’ve been holding out for about 2-weeks, 6-months, and 8-years now on this whole “Join the Crypto-Revolution” and I’ve been doing a pretty good job of it. Then one of my brothers left a voice message the other afternoon saying “you really really need to get involved in this investment opportunity! its a literals Gold Mine!” followed by “If that doesn’t convince you maybe knowing that I just pulled $100,000.00 USD over the last twelve months, will change your mind! I’m literally going to retire within the next two or three years! This is friggin-awesome!”


…followed by my skeptical-realistic left-brain using my left hand to pinch my right forearm whilst thinking… is this “For Real” ?

Coincidentally, I’ve been having other investment discussions with another brother of mine about trading in the stock market, watching trends, viewing the low and buying it, to hold it for a short or long period of time and reselling it to make money. Which you are supposed to reinvest into the market on something else or the same stock. Its really up to you.

My success, on the market other than my current buy-and-hold strategy has only been research.

Until today, when the urge to merge finally grabbed hold of my being and I went into the rabbit hole called Coinbase!

At the start of writing this blog post, my Crypto knowledge was it existed. Now I know a little bit about five-different entities within the crypto currency global aspect and whilst learning about it on Coinbase tutorials, I’ve earned myself $39.69 CAD being held in these five-crypto currencies.

  • Compound
  • Celo
  • The Graph
  • NuCypher
  • Stellar (XLM)

What’s even better than earning a few dollars by learning about Crypto and the variety of interworking of this new style of currency, is that it makes your BRAINS go WILD with anticipation of what might come Next?

And if you thought just learning a little bit about Crypto is helpful than perhaps something a bit more enticing would assist you in taking the plunge into the world of Crypto Currency.

Perhaps If I offered you a link into Coinbase, and by signing up for a secure Coinbase account you would earn Bitcoins. Its as simple as that. Well there is a hitch to it, because we’d all be silly if there wasn’t a “clause” about how to earn the most expensive currency on the planet.

Well then… that really is quite simple, isn’t it. You just click on that link there ^ or any of the ones below and you will be on your way to earning Bitcoins, as well as Compound, Celo, The Graph, NuCypher and Stellar Lumiens!

By singing up for a Coinbase account, you will be have the ability to watch the same tutorials which I just completed. For each of the crypto’s listed above there are 3 or 4 videos running time under 3-minutes each. Each video has a single question. All were very easy to answer. And for each correct answer in the quiz, you will earn some of those coins and/or tokens. As you will see below I am now the proud owner of Crypto!

Plus as long as you click on any of the links in this blog post and you invest the appropriate amount of money in your own currency then in a week or maybe a few days but more than likely within 5-minutes of that transaction, we will both instantly be up $10.00 on receiving Bitcoins!

Think of your future then think about the global future.

Your new crypto could be used to buy a pizza, a new t-shirt or just keep on investing into this new currency which will lead you to astonishing new heights in the upcoming years!

Personally I loved the tutorials, they were fun and interesting and I learned a bit about Compound a way to invest and earn interest plus lend money to help out the global economy. Or that I could start today and be a Curator whose sole purpose is working on The Graph. Or you can simply buy into the crypto currencies for a buy-and-hold strategy for building your portfolio!

Needless to say the options are endless!

A new Commodity has been born!

Now come on, click this link and get yourself started on the Revolution of a lifetime!

You can thank me in the future…


Please note by clicking on and using any of the links within this POST. As long as you invest and/or buy $100.00 of crypto BOTH YOU and myself will earn $10.00 in Bitcoin!, as a reward for using the link.


Oh by the way… in the past eight-minutes as I was finishing up my final edits and adding in tags and categories before publishing this new blog post my portfolio just grew $2.94 and is now sitting pretty at $42.63 CAD!!!