Set Your Path and Understand Your Journey with Tarot or Oracle Decks

Each morning after consuming my breakfast I would clear the space, calm myself and begin shuffling the deck. My only question as a new reader of Tarot being what is today’s outlook for the remainder of the day?

Ninety-two days and counting, I had been flourishing in the guidance of my spirits, reading, listening and learning how to interpret the signs and symbols of each card within the Major and Minor Arcana. It also brightened my day before it began to sparkle. Or it would foreshadow something that was going to be coming to light in the hours coming up.

After a few months I began wondering if the Rider-Waite deck and these spirit guides were truly inspiring my day? or if they were tampering with how I now viewed the world ahead?

I couldn’t shake the feeling behind any of it and began consuming more ideas through  The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett. I read about structure, daily divinations, and understanding the language being presented. Her book taught the skills necessary to continue down this journey.

Then one morning I woke up late and had no time for breakfast or shuffling the deck. I plunged out of the house without knowing what might lay ahead. The day wore on and as I finally reached my front door exhausted by the events of the day, I opened the door and saw the green tin sitting on the dining room table where it had been left the day before.

Everything stowed in its appropriate location, I sat down at the table, calmed myself and cleared my mind. Opening up the tin and pulling out the deck. I began talking to the spirit guides about how hectic my day was, how bagged my brain is, and why this occurred?

Shuffling the deck a card instantly popped out!

Pulling open The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett and reading out loud to myself the Major Arcana: Card # 20, Judgement: key words: liberation, judgement, inner calling and transformation. key phrases: accounting for past actions, revaluation and revival, dropping old values and embracing new ones, accepting things the way they are, there is no-one to blame not even yourself.

Somehow the card revealed and understood the troubles encountered throughout the day; but how? I was still not convinced after nearly 100-days of reading spirit guide information that any of this made any sense. My belief was low.

So, I switched it up.

I went into the back of the Tarot Bible and read through the Everyday, Relationship, Revelation, and Divinity spreads. I found some additional spreads which made me wonder if I just needed to use a different style of spread to keep my faith in the spirit guides.

Two of these spreads caught my eye and my interests but unlike a single card draw, I would need more time to read each card and interpret the symbols and meanings being presented. This is when I switched to completing the daily shuffle after work.

  • The mystic seven spread gives you insights into the past, present and future. It can be used for analysis of what is going on in your life right now and the consequences of your intentions or actions. (pg 322 The Tarot Bible)
  • The zodiac spread is based on the 12-astrological signs and houses. This gives you insights into all aspects of any current situation. Each position represents the qualities of thep particular house and zodiac sign as you work around the horoscope. (pg 334 The Tarot Bible)

A few days after the 100th day of using Tarot from the Rider-Waite deck, I missed another day. This time when I returned home from work, I was just too tired. My eyes were tired, my brain was tired and I just wanted to veg-out.

I did nothing.

No TV, no computer, no reading, just sitting in the calm and peacefulness of our home.

The following day I left the green tin on the dining room table.

My inspiration had been shattered and soon I stopped using the Tarot deck. This is when I placed the deck and bible back onto our bookshelf and went back to regular living. Day to day, hour to hour, minute by minute.

The months came and went.

The urge to crack open the Tarot Bible and the green tin were gone.

Then one evening the wife and I decided to head out to Ascendant Books. Its a local new age shop with a gemstone area, bookstore, singing bowls, incense and so much more.

As we approached the counter to pay for the books and gemstones that my wife had found in the shop a BRIGHT YELLOW BOX jumped out from the rack and across the front it read;

Wisdom of the Buddha

Mindfulness Deck


I starred at the box and its bright exterior for a few minutes.

Buddha and Buddhism came into my life way back in 1998 when I inadvertently tattooed my right calf with several Japanese Kanji. From that moment onward I have had thousands of conversations which have started at a variety of moments in my life because of those 5-characters.

Also it is because of these interactions with random strangers that I began researching and reading texts about Buddhism, the culture, people and places. Once many moons ago, on February 13 2011, I had the opportunity to have lunch with a Tibetan Monk at a speaking engagement about Tergar Meditation at Johyesa Temple in Seoul, South Korea.

Even though this deck was not “Tarot” it was a deck of Oracle cards, which my wife explained meant the person who uses this deck will be provided wisdom and have communications with higher beings as-well. I snatched the box off the shelf and placed it before the cashier. “Would you like to see the contents of this deck? I think there is an open one in the tester area,” said the cashier. “No way! This is Buddha, we are all-good here,” I replied with an ear to ear grin.

  • Oracle:  is a person with great wisdom or someone believed to have communication with a deity. An example of an oracle is someone who has conversations with God.