Year One Cost of Ownership; Its a Taco Anniversary

Yeah, you read that correctly in four days from this writing the 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport turns One!! on Monday February 22nd!! It’s unreal an entire year has driven by as we’ve trolled around the mean streets of Edmonton, gone back and forth to the Okanagan Valley in lower British Columbia and several roundtrips out to the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

“Happy Birthday Franken-Taco!!”

As a daily driver I have never been more proud than to sit behind the wheel of this Taco.

On a cool yet sunny Saturday morning we met in the sun drenched showroom floor. My eyes wandering over the sleek shiny black exterior. Its shape glistening in the warm morning windows. We walked around and around the Taco before the sales guy drove it out the front doors and handed us the keys. From that day onward the Tacoma has become my daily driver.

At the time of purchase the Tacoma had 64,350 kilometres on it. Over the last 12-months we have added 14,598 kms for a new total of 78,939 kilometres. That’s roughly 1,215 kms per month!

During our first year Franken-Taco has run as close to a stock truck as possible with only a couple of minor modifications.

  1. Compustar Remote Starter – 2-way starter w/ 1-mile range
    • Cost $1,000.00 including shop labour
  2. Trifecta Trifold Tonneau cover – with a locking lid to secure items inside truck bed
    • Cost Free plus personal labour to install
  3. Badge & Decal removal – removed chrome badging from sides and tail gate
    • Cost $5.00 for Goo-Gone plus an afternoon of labour

The next modifications will be occurring this weekend when we take the Franken-Taco to a buddies house to install protection along the rocker panels beneath the passenger and driver’s side doors and we will be removing the front air damper and factory skid plate. Then we will install a full set of skid plates to protect the engine, transmission, transfer-case, and cross-members. This underside protection is priceless when its off-highway protecting what would be vulnerable parts of the truck.

  • Protection Costs
    • Rock Rails by Danger Customs in Calgary, AB $950.00
    • Rock Rail finishing by Brownie’s Garage in Morinville, AB $250.00
    • Full Skid Plate Set by Danger Customs in Calgary, AB $650.00

As year two rolls on beneath Franken-Taco we will be looking forward to a few planned road trips to Northwestern Alberta, and up into the Northern sections of British Columbia for a bit of remote camping. If we are lucky we’ll also reach either the Yukon or Northwest Territories or both. And we’ll be able to check off these provinces and territories from the Canadian bucket list.

Also we have a handful of modifications planned for 2021 starting in April and finishing up in October. This list is a bit ambitious and we believe they are necessary for the aforementioned backcountry trips as well as slowly transitioning the Tacoma from its daily driving adventures into its all-purpose future of overlanding adventures.

  • Roof rack with an amber and white 40-inch LED light bar
  • A pair of square amber windshield LED lights
  • A 20-inch LED light bar inside the grille
  • A Smitty Built winch with synthetic rope
  • A slimline Body Armor front bumper
  • A set of Bilstein 5100 front shocks for the added weight of the bumper and winch
  • And last but definitely not least a Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB RadioRadio.

Since driving Franken-Taco, we’ve only taken him into the local Toyota Service shop twice. Both times for an Oil Change. And since those are free, bring it on!

On Thursday we took him in for a whack of fluid changes which increased our first true costs to maintain the Tacoma for its longevity and usefulness, to this guy.

  • First Service & Maintenance Charges
  • Lubricate propeller shaft and inspect for damage. no damage. Includes
    • Parts – Quantity 0x $0.00 = $0.00
    • Labour – Quantity 1x $22.95 = $22.95
      • Sub Total $22.95
  • Replace transfer case fluid. Includes
    • Labour – Quantity 1x $69.66
    • Environmental – Quantity 1x $0.75 = $0.75
    • Gasket – Quantity 2x $3.56 = $7.12
    • Transfer fluids – Quantity 1x $78.42 = $78.42
      • Sub Total $155.95
  • Replace rear differential fluid and inspect for leaks. no leaks. Includes
    • Labour – Quantity 1x $106.81 = $106.81
    • Gasket drain – Quantity 2x $3.28 = $6.56
    • Environmental – Quantity 3x $0.75 = $2.25
    • Gear Oil – Quantity 3x $28.11 = $84.33
      • Sub Total $199.95
  • Perform Toyota Fuel Injector Flush. Includes
    • Labour – Quantity 1x $75.84 = $75.84
    • Water removal – Quantity 1x $23.49 = $23.49
    • Combust & EF – Quantity 1x $40.62 = $40.62
      • Sub Total $139.95
  • Oil & Filter Service. Includes
    • Labour – Quantity 1x $18.00 = $18.00
    • Element Filter – Quantity 1x $7.95 = $7.95
    • 0W20 Oil Package – Quantity 1x $30.00 = $30.00
    • Gasket 1 – Quantity 1x $0.00 = $0.00
    • Environmental – Quantity 1x $0.00 = $0.00
    • 0W20 Oil Package – Quantity 6x $0.00 = $0.00
      • Sub Total $55.95
        • 7-year Oil Change Program
        • Discount $55.95
    • Total Maintenance Bill $544.75 CAD

This Guys Annual Costs for Daily Driving a 2016 Toyota Tacoma

  • Stock Tacoma – Year One (Feb 2020 to Feb 2021)
    • Annual Car Washes $288.00
    • Annual Fuel Costs $1,200.00
    • Annual Insurance $1,560.00
    • Annual Maintenance $544.75 CAD
    • Modification Parts $ 2,850.00 CAD
    • Annual Total Payments Made $7,560.00
      • Total for Year One: $14,002.75
Year One, Anniversary

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb