Talking About our Mundane Lifestyle

Around the first week of January we were looking for something to do, to keep us preoccupied in the evenings and afternoons since we’ve been caged inside our homes for what seems like years now. Awaiting the freedoms that everyone says have been taken from us.

Ironically in this writes opinion it is not the freedoms that have been taken from us, but our ability to be social in a free for all gathering zone like a baseball stadium or a kids soccer game or attending church or some other form of social interactions. Although if you count the number of people inside a grocery store at any given moment, or the local Canadian Tire, or wandering inside the mall then have our “freedoms” been taken away?

Sure they have been diminished a bit, but freedom?

You are still free to wander the streets, or go have a meal, or take the dog to the dog park. You are still able to checkout books from the library and obtain all the goodies and snacks that your little heart desires. Okay, you cannot leave your own country! But shouldn’t this just entire you to explore your own backyard?

A few weeks ago when I was working at the office someone said during a lunchroom conversation “COVID IS A HOAX! IT’s ALL JUST MADE UP! I CAN PROVE IT!” He went on a twenty-two minute tirade about the conspiracy behind the medication, who the people are that benefit from COVID-19 and why the average human being is not really dying. That if this were “a real threat” then the governments would be doing more than sitting around creating unnecessary mandates for its citizens and the death toll age would be dropping into the 40’s instead of staying up in the 80’s. I couldn’t think of anything polite to add to the conversation and stayed quiet.

Today, the weather was finally warm enough to stand outside in a pair of shorts and listen to the snow melting on the roof than sliding down the eaves troughs above. I starred at the melting white snow before me and rolled up five small snow balls. I placed them in a precarious situation and laughed at the ingenious idea of building an insect creature “snowman” instead of a snowman that you would roll around the yard trying to make each ball as BIG as possible.

I feel that I have not seen humans in a few days. Even though on the weekend we took a drive out into the country side to shout across the yard at some friends. A small gathering of six people. Still within the regulations of outdoor gatherings here in Alberta of 10 or less.

We sat around the great room talking about our mundane lifestyles, the trips to the grocery store, our chores around the home whilst enjoying a slice of pizza and viewing the countryside. My brain was exhausted from reading spreadsheet after spreadsheet as well as 100-page document after 100-page document this past week at work.

My spirit was low and continued to sink inside myself. Everyone noticed my typical pleasant demeanour had evaporated as I sat before everyone trying to be a part of this Saturday afternoon. Then my head bobbed and my neck bent sideways dipping as my eyelids grew tired. The silence of the countryside was lullabying me into a peaceful journey.

A few minutes later my eyes closed up beneath the brim of my baseball hat and I fell asleep. My subconscious had taken me away to another dimension to another conversation only this one was inside my head. As everyone else continued talking.

They say I was out for nearly two hours until my wife had awakened me as it was time for everyone’s departure. Our friends they smiled as they said their goodbyes with a hint of envy in their eyes. Everyone laughed and said they would see us later. But perhaps we should try to get some sleep before coming out to the countryside next time around.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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