Is Your Sleep Priceless?

Yesterday, I realized on Wednesday of the upcoming week that it would be St. Patrick’s Day!, and that’s when the shitzpa really hit the fan.

Yesterday, I realized we only have 5-more months on our lease and then we can release ourselves from living above the boiler room and perhaps I can finally get rid of this insomnia habit that I have become accustomed to?

Tonight like many nights, I went to bed with the wife around 11:05pm. As soon as her face it the pillow she was out, like every night we’ve been together for nearly 13-years. Myself… well I tossed and I turned and I turned and I tossed. The pillow went left the head went right, the pillow squashed together, I rolled over onto my stomach. then my side, then my back… its a never ending cycle of movements. Then my brains caught onto the insomnia cycle and I slowly got up out of bed. That was at 12:05am.

An hour and 33 minutes later, here I am sitting at the keyboard starring at the cursor listening the “monster in the basement” growing and churning away preparing the water into steam to heat the entire building. People on every floor soundly asleep as I sit starring at this screen.

My eyes blink. My brain blinks. My ears throb from the noise downstairs. Its as if the condo building is against my getting a good nights sleep. Perhaps that’s why when I talked about a mundane lifestyle that I wasn’t exactly exaggerating. I’ve noticed recently whenever we go out to our friends houses out in the countryside for a littler R&R from the city, that I’ve been passing out in their chairs or on the lawn or on the car ride back.

This is not typical of my behaviour.

It’s ironic.

Ironically I love sleep.

Especially sleeping in those early morning hours when everyone else is hustling and bustling to catch an early worm. NOT me! I just want to catch those zzzz’s.

You wouldn’t know that of course, because rarely do I speak about the misery living in the basement. Because really I don’t want to come across as a whiner but all I have been dreaming about for months now is moving to a new place where its quiet and I can get some friggin’ sleep!

Thankfully that dream is about to come true within the next 3 to 4 months.

I suppose the bad part about the current situation is we will have to break our lease agreement and may end up paying a penalty to do so. But the cost of breaking the lease to get a good nights sleep in a quiet environment is literally priceless.