When I Was Young…

Technology has become the most significant thing a person owns. We pay absorbent amounts of money to have the latest software versions, the best hard drives, the biggest memory, more RAM and the fastest processing chips on the market. We pay good money for quality smartphones (which are really mini-computers) up to $1000.00 while others pay even higher amounts for fancy new laptops, tablets, smart-TVs, or computer wristwatches which talk and communicate with our other tech-devices.

During lunch, a conversation ensued with a couple of colleagues about the things which were available to us when we were younger. We specifically referenced a period in our lives between 8-to-13 years old. The interesting thing about this conversation is, that we all grew up in different countries: America, Canada and the Philippines.

  • What was popular when you were a kid?
    • Rubik’s Cube
    • He-man and the Masters of the Universe
    • Mad balls
    • GI Joe: Action Figures
    • Transformers
  • What did you do for fun?
    • Played sport: soccer, basketball, whiffle ball
    • Played hide and go seek
    • Built sand castles
    • Played in the dirt with other boys
    • Rode bicycles
  • What was the thing you looked forward to the most after school?
    • Having crab apple-wars, we’d gather up buckets of crab apples and divide into 2-teams. Then throw crab apples at each other until we ran out
    • Grab our bicycles after school and ride down to the local convenience store to get some small penny cent candies
  • What did you do for summer vacations?
    • Camping with the family
    • Family trips to see relatives

The consensus was that our fun came from being outside of the house. All of us had some sort of gaming system: Atari, Nintendo, or Sega. And our parents offered limited amounts of time to play the games and watch television. We were forced outside to be with the other kids in our neighbourhoods. We were to be social by talking to each other, making friends, choosing teams, playing sports, and/or board games and of course, (as we are all men), as young boys we all found ways to get into trouble on our own or with our friends.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb